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WHEREAS, Article V, Section 1 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963 vests the executive power of the State of Michigan in the Governor;

WHEREAS, Section 3 of 1982 PA 191, MCL 10.83, authorizes the Governor to declare a State of Energy Emergency upon notification of an impending energy emergency by the Energy Advisory Committee, or upon the Governor’s own initiative if the Governor finds that an energy emergency exists or is imminent;

WHEREAS, on August 14, 2003, a widespread and unprecedented loss of electrical power affected significant portions of the State of Michigan;

WHEREAS, the power outage adversely impacted operations at eight petroleum refineries throughout the United States and Canada, and damaged Michigan’s only refinery, which may be unable to meet demand for gasoline in the near future, resulting, without further action, in a lack of adequate available gasoline in parts of this state;

WHEREAS, on August 20, 2003, the Public Service Commission notified the Energy Advisory Committee of an impending and imminent energy emergency involving a dwindling supply of gasoline in Southeast Michigan due to the power outage and damage to the refinery;

WHEREAS, it is in the best interests of the State of Michigan that appropriate measures be taken in response to an imminent energy emergency to ensure that gasoline supplies will remain sufficient and to assure the health, safety, and welfare of Michigan residents and visitors;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JENNIFER M. GRANHOLM, Governor of the State of Michigan, pursuant to powers vested in the Governor by the Michigan Constitution of 1963 and 1982 PA 191, MCL 10.81 to 10.87, order the following:

  1. The State of Emergency proclaimed on August 15, 2003 for the counties of Macomb, Monroe, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne is rescinded.
  2. A State of Energy Emergency is declared. Pursuant to Section 3 of 1982 PA 191, MCL 10.83, the State of Energy Emergency is effective until the earlier of either of the following:
    1. A finding by the Governor that the energy emergency no longer exists.
    2. November 19, 2003.

This Order is effective upon filing.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of Michigan this 21st day of August, 2003.

Jennifer M. Granholm