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Site Guide

Jobs & Training
Information about job openings statewide, resources for individuals searching for employment, as well as job retraining programs available through the State of Michigan
Resources include:

  • The Michigan Talent Bank
  • Resume and cover letter help
  • Getting financial aid for college
  • The National Career Readiness Certificate
  • Information for entrepreneurs
  • Employment resources for veterans

Unemployment Benefits
Find eligibility requirements and a guide to filing Unemployment Insurance claims
Resources include:

  • Unemployment claims guide
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Filing a complaint for non-payment of wages
  • Food assistance linking information

Health Care  
Information relating to healthcare services for the whole family
Resources include:

  • Finding healthcare services while unemployed
  • Coverage for children through MIChild
  • Obtaining services through Medicaid
  • Finding services you qualify for and locations near you

Family Support
Find information here relating to a whole range of support systems for Michigan Families
Resources include:

  • Emergency fund assistance for those facing foreclosure, eviction, or similar circumstances
  • Cash assistance for food or income support, and the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Money saving practices, specifically for phone service and food
  • Managing debt
  • Resources for seniors seeking support
  • Finding services through your nearest Community Action Agency or Michigan Department of Human Services
  • Managing Child Support and providing childcare

Housing Help
Find assistance in locating rental assistance, purchasing a new home, lowering utility costs, and preventing homelessness
Resources include:

  • Finding a local homeless shelter or Continuum of Care location
  • Information about your local utility providers, and ways to lower your utility costs
  • Resources for assistance to weatherize your home
  • Rental assistance for those who qualify
  • Finding a rental property in Michigan
  • Assistance in purchasing a new home, including monetary resources

Foreclosure Avoidance
Information about programs to help current homeowners avoid foreclosure
Resources include:

  • The Help for Hardest Hit program
  • Finding foreclosure prevention counselors
  • Legal assistance and who to contact for help
  • Information about the State Emergency Fund

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