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Summit on Ending Homelessness

The annual Summit on Ending Homelessness provides a forum for federal, state, and local government, service providers, funders, and people with lived experience to share best practices in ending homelessness. This two-day event allows time for networking and collaboration for case managers and administrators alike who are diligently working to improve the welfare of people in Michigan who are living in poverty and homelessness.  

2023 Summit on Ending Homelessness, October 23 & 24, Shanty Creek Resort, Bellaire

A variety of people gathered in front of different styles of housing with hills in the background and hot air balloons in the sky   

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2023 Excellence in Homeless Services Award 

The Excellence in Homeless Services Award honors the hard work and commitment of a dedicated individual or group who embodies the defining characteristics possessed by the people and organizations immersed in Michigan’s Campaign to End Homelessness (MCTEH). Characteristics such as system changemaker; advocate for equity, inclusiveness, and belonging; challenger of the status quo; strategic risk-taker; and champion for Housing First and Harm Reduction. This award is given out each year at the Michigan Homeless Summit as acknowledgement of exemplary work being done to help Michigan reach its goal of ending homelessness.

This award was previously called the Carla Javits Award, named after a former national CSH executive director and was presented by the CSH Michigan Team. In 2022, the CSH Michigan Team paused the Carla Javits Award to reflect, get feedback from partners across the state, and explore how to center equity and redefine leadership, resulting in the refined Excellence in Homeless Services Award. For more information about the Carla Javits Award, including the list of past awardees, scroll down to the bottom of this page.


The award selection committee will be looking for a nominee whose work aligns with the criteria outlined below and has contributed to advancing any or all of the 6 key goals within the MCTEH Action Plan.

  • Someone who is engaging the community to end homelessness with proven results;
  • Someone who has changed systems within the community, such as streamlining processes, breaking down system silos, developing new policies, and using resources in a new way;
  • Someone who has forged new partnerships that have positively impacted their community, county, or region;
  • Someone who is committed, personally and professionally, to advancing racial equity and justice;
  • Someone who challenges the status quo and is willing to take risks.

MCTEH Action Plan Goals

Goal 1: Increase amount of safe, accessible & affordable housing targeted to households experiencing homelessness.

Goal 2: Prevent homelessness whenever possible, targeting resources to households most at risk of becoming homeless.

Goal 3: Collaborate with local and statewide systems that are crucial to preventing and ending homelessness.

Goal 4: Improve equity within the homeless system and reduce racial disparities among households experiencing homelessness.

Goal 5: Authentically engage people with lived experience (PWLE) of homelessness, especially in the form of ongoing partnerships rather than time-limited, one-sided engagements.

Goal 6: Use data to measure progress and create accountability.


  • Supportive housing tenant who launched a resident council, encouraged more residents to be engaged, and used their voice for advocacy.
  • CoC Lead Agency staff member who has created more funding and resources by developing relationships with cross-system partners.
  • Local government partner or private funder who has used their position to influence and/or advance system-level homelessness work

Carla Javits Award (2006-2021)

The Carla Javits award honors the hard work and commitment of a dedicated individual who embodies the defining characteristics possessed by the people and organizations that are immersed in Michigan’s Campaign to End Homelessness. This award is given out each year at the Summit to a deserving member of the Campaign as an acknowledgement of exemplary work being done to help Michigan reach its goal of ending homelessness.

About Carla Javits - Carla Javits was President and CEO of the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) for six years, founding CSH’s California program in 1992.  Carla was known for her vision, leadership and humor. Under her leadership, Carla elevated CSH from a small nonprofit to an organization with a national footprint, impact and prominence.

Since February 2007, Carla has served as the President of the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF). The REDF was created to expand economic opportunity for homeless and very low-income individuals through the creation of social purpose business ventures. “Carla’s forward thinking approach and commitment to ending homelessness served as tremendous inspiration to CSH staff, Carla’s peers, the housing and homelessness industry, and a former MSHDA Director who initiated Michigan’s Campaign to End Homelessness.”—Mercedes Brown, Michigan Director, CSH. 


2021      Cynthia Arneson, Staircase Youth Services

2020      Tina Allen, Northwest Michigan Coalition to End Homelessness

2019      Melinda Johnson, Blue Water Community Action Agency

2018      Selwin O’NeaL, Homeless Action Network of Detroit

2017      Carole McCabe, Avalon Housing

2016      Cecil McNally, Goodwill Northern Michigan

2015      Kittie Tuinstra, Oceana’s Home Partnership

2014      Stephanie Kasprzak, Monroe County Opportunity Program

2013      Joan Jackson Johnson, City of Lansing

2012      Bret Finzel, Sunrise Centre

2011      Deb Hendren, Community Housing Network

2010      Ellen Kisinger-Rothi, Housing Resources, Inc.

2009      Betty Zylstra, Salvation Army Booth Family Services

2008      Sheila Clay, Neighborhood Service Organization

2007      Joseph Tardella, Southwest Counseling Solutions

2006      Carla Javits, Corporation for Supportive Housing