Fallen Officers

The Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument celebrates and honors the lives of fallen law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. The Memorial honors their courage, dedication, and unwavering commitment to preserving our safety and, ultimately, our way of life. The following is a list of Michigan's fallen officers.

How to Submit Corrections to Names, Agencies, and End Of Watch Dates

If you believe that information about an officer’s name, agency, or end of watch date is incorrect, please contact Mary Johnson or Kathy Brown at JohnsonM@police.msu.edu or KCole5061@aol.com. Please provide corrective information and the source of that information, if available. All information will be checked against other sources to verify accuracy.

How to Submit Additional Officers

If you believe that a fallen officer has been inadvertently left off the list of officers, please send the information below to Mary Johnson or Kathy Brown at JohnsonM@police.msu.edu or KCole5061@aol.com. All submissions will be reviewed to determine if the officer meets the inclusion criteria under 2004 Public Act 177, the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Act.  That Act adopts the definition of “law enforcement officer” used in the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards Act, 1965 Public Act 203. View the definition of law enforcement officer.

  • Your name and contact information
  • The officer’s full name
  • The officer’s age
  • The officer’s badge number
  • The name and address of the agency with whom the officer was employed at the time of death
  • The date and time of death
  • The cause of death
  • The location in which the death occurred
  • Whether the officer was on or off duty at the time of death
  • Contact information for the officer’s surviving spouse or family member

Michigan's Fallen Officers:

Name EOW Dept
Dennis R Lyons 4/24/1880 Adrian Police Dept
Bobby L Williams 6/30/1975 Adrian Police Dept
Paul Grahovac 9/15/2001 Alger County Sheriff's  Dept
Elisha B Moore 1/18/1905 Algonac Police Dept
Ivan W Wilson 12/21/1954 Allen Village Police Dept
Charles L Lynch 8/17/1887 Alpena County Sheriff's  Dept
Clifford Stang 3/21/1935 Ann Arbor Police Dept
Kenneth E Payne 6/4/1946 Ann Arbor Police Dept
Leonard W Alber 5/31/1956 Ann Arbor Police Dept
Headley Downey 5/9/1963 Ann Arbor Police Dept
William M. Scudder 5/14/1884 Barry County Sheriff's  Office
Harry A. Hamilton 5/9/1920 Battle Creek City Police Dept
Clayton Weed 4/14/1926 Battle Creek City Police Dept
John W. Patterson 8/23/1940 Battle Creek City Police Dept
Paul Clark 5/3/1960 Battle Creek City Police Dept
Gerald E. Rosa 1/1/1967 Battle Creek City Police Dept
LaVern S. Brann 5/9/2005 Battle Creek City Police Dept
Frank Kowalkowski 12/18/1923 Bay City Police Dept
Raymond P. Rexer 4/27/1991 Bay City Police Dept
Terry J Jablonski 4/27/1991 Bay City Police Dept
Phillip Kramer 9/28/1974 Bay County Sheriff's  Dept
Robert L Stevens 4/29/1970 Benton Township Police Dept
Edward Rarey 3/16/1930 Benzie County Sheriff's  Dept
Neil Marshall 8/10/1889 Benzie County Sheriff's  Dept
Elton C Stover 12/10/1965 Berrien County Sheriff's  Dept
Gary C Davis 5/13/2004 Bloomfield Township Police Dept
George W Ralston 9/12/1917 Branch County Sheriff's  Office
Dan S Mitchell 1/1/1989 Broomfield Township Police Dept
Karl J Liebengood 1/11/1955 Burton Police Dept
Russell A Herrick 5/8/1980 Burton Police Dept
Terry L Thompson 7/5/1983 Burton Police Dept
Gordon L Stevens 7/23/2003 Canton Police Dept
William E Lewis 4/29/1970 Capac Police Dept
William O Putnam 12/25/1961 Caro Police Dept
Shane A Britton 7/19/2000 Cass County Sheriff's  Dept
William A Daniels 1/26/1903 Cassopolis Police Dept
Earl W Crandall 7/20/1966 Charlevoix Police Dept
Riley S Sumner 4/13/2006 Chelsea Police Dept
Allen Scribner 6/6/1913 Chippewa County Sheriff's  Office
James Sutton 6/6/1913 Chippewa County Sheriff's  Office
Kevin M Sherwood 10/9/2003 Clare County Sheriff's  Dept
Richard L Teske 8/15/1964 Clayton Village Police Dept
Perry A Fillmore 3/27/2004 Clinton County Sheriff's  Dept
Richard L Vauris 2/19/2001 Clinton Township Police Dept
Edgar A Cranston 8/11/1899 Constantine Police Dept
Robert Dowidait 8/22/1966 Dearborn Heights Police Dept
Jason A Makowski 5/25/2006 Dearborn Heights Police Dept
Andrew H Cain 12/23/1939 Dearborn Police Dept
Louis A Hinkel 8/2/1974 Dearborn Police Dept
Norbert M Szczygiel 8/27/1977 Dearborn Police Dept
Dale F Bernock 10/3/2005 Dearborn Police Dept
Frank Curran 6/20/1923 Delta County Sheriff's  Office
John C Fillion 7/24/1878 Detroit Police Dept
John W Loveland 2/14/1883 Detroit Police Dept
George Kimball 10/5/1883 Detroit Police Dept
Alonzo E Bullard 11/29/1883 Detroit Police Dept
Albert W Thayer 11/26/1888 Detroit Police Dept
Edward Shoemaker 3/4/1890 Detroit Police Dept
Charles J Stewart 9/16/1899 Detroit Police Dept
Clarence R Cummings 3/25/1904 Detroit Police Dept
John F Daley 11/17/1904 Detroit Police Dept
George H Wilson 11/13/1907 Detroit Police Dept
Henry Walpole 5/17/1911 Detroit Police Dept
Franklin M Smith 8/24/1911 Detroit Police Dept
Lloyd N Robinson 7/27/1912 Detroit Police Dept
James M Griffin 3/21/1913 Detroit Police Dept
Charles W Schoof 7/19/1913 Detroit Police Dept
Fred Holwedel 8/22/1913 Detroit Police Dept
Warren K Snow 11/5/1913 Detroit Police Dept
Thomas F Madden 12/9/1913 Detroit Police Dept
John Gordon 1/3/1914 Detroit Police Dept
Leland Alexander 5/12/1916 Detroit Police Dept
Edward M McLaughlin 11/13/1916 Detroit Police Dept
Emil R Schmidt  2/20/1917 Detroit Police Dept
Charles W Sieger 4/11/1917 Detroit Police Dept
Samuel C Marquardt 5/15/1917 Detroit Police Dept
Emmanuel Roggers 7/24/1917 Detroit Police Dept
Richard H Diamond 8/18/1917 Detroit Police Dept
Norman F Towler 10/17/1917 Detroit Police Dept
Henry G Angell 12/4/1917 Detroit Police Dept
Elmer M Powers 4/25/1918 Detroit Police Dept
Lewis Bomka 5/14/1918 Detroit Police Dept
Gordon R Davis 7/15/1918 Detroit Police Dept
Howard J Roughley 5/5/1919 Detroit Police Dept
William F Wollborg 8/5/1920 Detroit Police Dept
Peter F McGuigan 10/23/1920 Detroit Police Dept
Arthur R Huhnke 11/8/1920 Detroit Police Dept
Philip Ellenstein 1/31/1921 Detroit Police Dept
David Morris 2/2/1921 Detroit Police Dept
Herbert J Bischoff 3/13/1921 Detroit Police Dept
Otto A Balk 11/1/1921 Detroit Police Dept
Charles McKenna 10/28/1922 Detroit Police Dept
Daniel J Coughlin 1/4/1923 Detroit Police Dept
Isaac Kruka 2/7/1923 Detroit Police Dept
Allan O Lindsay 5/3/1923 Detroit Police Dept
Thomas J Collins 8/23/1923 Detroit Police Dept
Stephen Villaire 9/23/1923 Detroit Police Dept
John J Heffron 10/11/1923 Detroit Police Dept
William M  Gratton 12/15/1923 Detroit Police Dept
Albert J Fink 4/9/1924 Detroit Police Dept
William G Ashworth 8/4/1924 Detroit Police Dept
Frank E Hage 8/17/1924 Detroit Police Dept
Fred V Breslin 10/25/1924 Detroit Police Dept
Phelim McDonough 2/18/1925 Detroit Police Dept
Elmer M Cox 5/5/1925 Detroit Police Dept
Casimir B Kaliszewski 6/13/1925 Detroit Police Dept
William  F Hackenbruch 7/6/1925 Detroit Police Dept
Frank Marcinkowski 9/7/1925 Detroit Police Dept
Simeon D Martin 9/22/1925 Detroit Police Dept
William E Wagner 11/5/1925 Detroit Police Dept
Herman M Jolly 11/8/1925 Detroit Police Dept
Andrew Rusinko 1/11/1926 Detroit Police Dept
Raymond Vollertsen 1/26/1926 Detroit Police Dept
Boyd Badour 4/11/1926 Detroit Police Dept
Walter L Darsee 6/4/1926 Detroit Police Dept
Earl J Kobinski 7/9/1926 Detroit Police Dept
Frank W Reynolds 9/15/1926 Detroit Police Dept
Valentine M Lukowiak 11/14/1926 Detroit Police Dept
Edward D Perrin 11/27/1926 Detroit Police Dept
Stacey C Mizner 1/29/1927 Detroit Police Dept
David G Snell 3/16/1927 Detroit Police Dept
Merlin Ray 7/17/1927 Detroit Police Dept
William H Frahm 9/30/1927 Detroit Police Dept
Henry G Puffer 11/8/1927 Detroit Police Dept
Glenn R Hunter 1/12/1928 Detroit Police Dept
Fred A Brumm 4/7/1928 Detroit Police Dept
George Barstad 6/25/1928 Detroit Police Dept
Peter Helko 9/24/1928 Detroit Police Dept
Clarence J Hans 10/28/1928 Detroit Police Dept
Ulric A Johnston 11/10/1928 Detroit Police Dept
Clarence L Stadler 2/16/1929 Detroit Police Dept
Benjamin F Smith 2/17/1929 Detroit Police Dept
Arthur L Pascolini 7/2/1929 Detroit Police Dept
William W Spencer 8/5/1929 Detroit Police Dept
David E Coy 10/17/1929 Detroit Police Dept
Lloyd O Schultz 11/12/1929 Detroit Police Dept
Dayton A Winegar 3/8/1930 Detroit Police Dept
Charles C McMillan 4/24/1930 Detroit Police Dept
Glen E Clark 5/11/1930 Detroit Police Dept
Edward J Barney 8/7/1930 Detroit Police Dept
Peter J Sprott 10/10/1930 Detroit Police Dept
Raymond Mundy 10/14/1930 Detroit Police Dept
Wilfred F Golla 10/24/1931 Detroit Police Dept
Douglas W Minton 12/31/1931 Detroit Police Dept
William F Konkel 1/18/1932 Detroit Police Dept
Reed Howard 3/25/1932 Detroit Police Dept
Paul Pawlowski 12/21/1932 Detroit Police Dept
Barney Fox 5/25/1933 Detroit Police Dept
Edward C Samson 6/24/1933 Detroit Police Dept
Wayne W Nelson 9/1/1935 Detroit Police Dept
Frederick W Behrend 12/18/1935 Detroit Police Dept
James C Harrelson 1/11/1936 Detroit Police Dept
Louis M Levine 1/17/1936 Detroit Police Dept
Edward F Bayer 1/18/1936 Detroit Police Dept
Frank J Winarski 6/20/1936 Detroit Police Dept
Andrew H Edeen 6/28/1936 Detroit Police Dept
Howard A Booth 7/9/1937 Detroit Police Dept
John R Sheridan 8/9/1937 Detroit Police Dept
Conrad W Sippel 8/26/1937 Detroit Police Dept
Hiram J Reno 3/26/1938 Detroit Police Dept
Seymour H Lawler 3/26/1938 Detroit Police Dept
Myron Kohler 4/16/1939 Detroit Police Dept
Warren K Raby 6/23/1939 Detroit Police Dept
John E Vandenberg 10/26/1940 Detroit Police Dept
VanBuren Quarles 1/10/1943 Detroit Police Dept
Joseph P Husken 4/17/1943 Detroit Police Dept
Mitchell A Lipinski 6/6/1943 Detroit Police Dept
Lawrence A Adam 7/1/1943 Detroit Police Dept
John E Zeh 6/4/1944 Detroit Police Dept
Leo F Hilenski 1/16/1945 Detroit Police Dept
Alphonse H Kemper 10/10/1945 Detroit Police Dept
Joseph Salatowski 5/25/1947 Detroit Police Dept
Henry J Mach 12/21/1947 Detroit Police Dept
John A Barringer 8/26/1948 Detroit Police Dept
Hendrick P Groeneveld 9/24/1948 Detroit Police Dept
Clarence W Bracy 1/20/1949 Detroit Police Dept
David I Bergum 2/17/1949 Detroit Police Dept
Duke Williams 12/30/1949 Detroit Police Dept
Joseph G Meglinske 7/4/1950 Detroit Police Dept
Andreas Mellert Jr 11/19/1950 Detroit Police Dept
Stuart H Loding 6/30/1951 Detroit Police Dept
Stanley J Jerlecki 12/14/1951 Detroit Police Dept
Peter G Huber 2/14/1952 Detroit Police Dept
Russell Blanchard 3/15/1952 Detroit Police Dept
Arthur E Meyers 7/14/1953 Detroit Police Dept
Erwin W Schink 3/4/1954 Detroit Police Dept
George E Krueger 8/20/1955 Detroit Police Dept
Sidney A O'Connor 1/17/1956 Detroit Police Dept
Donald W Coulter 1/11/1958 Detroit Police Dept
Harry A Thom 2/14/1958 Detroit Police Dept
John B French 5/15/1958 Detroit Police Dept
Ronald I English 7/27/1959 Detroit Police Dept
James E Meeks Jr 5/20/1960 Detroit Police Dept
Gordon G Schneider 10/6/1962 Detroit Police Dept
Stanley Sech 2/24/1963 Detroit Police Dept
Selwyn C Adams 3/23/1963 Detroit Police Dept
John Calandro Jr 8/19/1963 Detroit Police Dept
James E Wolframe 8/22/1964 Detroit Police Dept
Thaddeus W Szczesny 8/22/1964 Detroit Police Dept
Howard F Tullke 12/12/1964 Detroit Police Dept
Marlyn W Bateson 8/14/1966 Detroit Police Dept
William L Bell 8/14/1966 Detroit Police Dept
John J Hartenstein 5/4/1967 Detroit Police Dept
Jerome J Olshove 7/25/1967 Detroit Police Dept
Edward Wolski Jr 8/5/1968 Detroit Police Dept
Ricktor A Gutowsky 8/15/1968 Detroit Police Dept
Stanley Rapaski 1/10/1969 Detroit Police Dept
Michael J Czapski 3/29/1969 Detroit Police Dept
Carter L Wells 5/23/1969 Detroit Police Dept
Paul E Begin 10/25/1969 Detroit Police Dept
Richard P Woyshner 1/24/1970 Detroit Police Dept
William Slappey 3/11/1970 Detroit Police Dept
Glenn E Smith 10/24/1970 Detroit Police Dept
Joseph M Soulliere 12/3/1970 Detroit Police Dept
Danny L Watson 1/14/1971 Detroit Police Dept
William G Wortmann 1/15/1971 Detroit Police Dept
Joseph K Siepak 1/26/1971 Detroit Police Dept
Daniel G Ellis 2/3/1971 Detroit Police Dept
Ulysses Brown 8/20/1971 Detroit Police Dept
Frederick D Hunter Jr 8/26/1971 Detroit Police Dept
Alonzo Marshall 9/1/1971 Detroit Police Dept
Matron M Shanaman 12/12/1971 Detroit Police Dept
William Schmedding Jr 12/31/1971 Detroit Police Dept
Gilbert T Stocker 7/31/1972 Detroit Police Dept
Gerald J Riley 12/8/1972 Detroit Police Dept
Robert P Bradford Jr 12/27/1972 Detroit Police Dept
Harold E Carlson 1/27/1973 Detroit Police Dept
Robert T Moore 11/8/1973 Detroit Police Dept
Alvis P Morris Jr 11/12/1973 Detroit Police Dept
Edward Pakula Jr 1/16/1974 Detroit Police Dept
Leonard M Todd 1/16/1974 Detroit Police Dept
Gerald A Morrison 3/11/1974 Detroit Police Dept
Brendt L Stephens 5/25/1974 Detroit Police Dept
Byron B Soule Jr 6/28/1974 Detroit Police Dept
Jon A Ryckman 6/28/1974 Detroit Police Dept
Robert J Hogue 12/21/1974 Detroit Police Dept
James B Watts 3/15/1975 Detroit Police Dept
Francis X Siemion 2/25/1982 Detroit Police Dept
William Green 3/29/1982 Detroit Police Dept
Michael J Bossuyt 3/8/1983 Detroit Police Dept
Giacomo Buffa 2/5/1986 Detroit Police Dept
Mark Radden 2/5/1986 Detroit Police Dept
Anthony C Williams 7/20/1986 Detroit Police Dept
Everett Williams Jr 9/27/1986 Detroit Police Dept
Freddie L Jackson 10/6/1986 Detroit Police Dept
Johnnie C Shoates 12/7/1986 Detroit Police Dept
Richard L Fortin 6/19/1987 Detroit Police Dept
John J Fitzpatrick 10/9/1987 Detroit Police Dept
Andre Barksdale 11/2/1987 Detroit Police Dept
Linda G Smith 11/28/1987 Detroit Police Dept
Frank E Walls 10/17/1988 Detroit Police Dept
James L Schmit 10/17/1988 Detroit Police Dept
Charles E Beasley 11/22/1988 Detroit Police Dept
Vikki E Hubbard 3/12/1989 Detroit Police Dept
Sherdard R Brison 3/5/1990 Detroit Police Dept
Rodney L Bennett 5/28/1990 Detroit Police Dept
Charles L Pope 10/19/1990 Detroit Police Dept
Bruce Williams 12/5/1990 Detroit Police Dept
Richard M Leskie 7/1/1991 Detroit Police Dept
Norman J Spruiel 10/22/1993 Detroit Police Dept
Benjamin L Short 3/25/1994 Detroit Police Dept
Jerry F Philpot II 5/25/1995 Detroit Police Dept
Earl L White 8/26/1995 Detroit Police Dept
Lindora R Smith 8/26/1995 Detroit Police Dept
Patrick M Prohm 1/9/1996 Detroit Police Dept
Shawn P Bandy 12/6/1998 Detroit Police Dept
Richard D Scalf 2/5/1999 Detroit Police Dept
Shynelle M Mason 7/14/2000 Detroit Police Dept
Neil K Wells 4/4/2001 Detroit Police Dept
Michael T Scanlon 2/12/2002 Detroit Police Dept
Scott T Stewart 8/11/2002 Detroit Police Dept
Jennifer T Fettig 2/16/2004 Detroit Police Dept
Matthew E Bowens 2/16/2004 Detroit Police Dept
Kenneth L Daniels 9/1/2004 Detroit Police Dept
Brian E Huff 5/3/2010 Detroit Police Dept
Charles E Armour 6/12/2011 Detroit Police Dept
Robert W Dooley 9/15/2012 Detroit Police Dept
Rodney W Jones 9/14/2013 Detroit Police Dept
Patrick E Hill 10/19/2013 Detroit Police Dept
Joseph J Abdella 8/14/2015 Detroit Police Dept
Kevin D Miller 6/29/2016 Detroit Police Dept
Kenneth M Steil 9/17/2016 Detroit Police Dept
Myron A Jarrett 10/28/2016 Detroit Police Dept
Donald O Kimbrough 12/7/2017 Detroit Police Dept
Glenn A Doss Jr 1/28/2018 Detroit Police Dept
Darren M Weathers 2/13/2018 Detroit Police Dept
Fadi Shukur 8/14/2018 Detroit Police Dept
Gary N Priess 1/25/2000 DeWitt Township Police Dept
Bruce J VanPopering 7/17/1994 East Grand Rapids Dept of Public Safety
James S Johnson 10/25/1984 East Lansing Police Dept
Cleo Platt 12/17/1927 Eaton County Sheriff's Dept
Dean R Foster 1/1/1967 Eaton County Sheriff's Dept
Donald E Rice 12/10/1985 Eaton County Sheriff's Dept
Will S Purple 9/5/1923 Emmet County Sheriff's  Dept
George E Seman 6/13/1966 Evart Police Dept
Caleb E Smith 10/28/1921 Flint Police Dept
Avera Hudson 6/28/1923 Flint Police Dept
Matthew Hauer 4/18/1924 Flint Police Dept
John Wopinski 8/8/1932 Flint Police Dept
Gerald Leach 9/21/1940 Flint Police Dept
Neil Krantz 4/25/1951 Flint Police Dept
James McCullough 2/28/1952 Flint Police Dept
Alton Fritcher 1/5/1969 Flint Police Dept
Leslie D Keely 9/24/1999 Flint Police Dept
Owen D Fisher 7/16/2005 Flint Police Dept
David L Williams 2/24/2009 Flint Police Dept
Ignatz Witkowski 7/4/1922 Ford Village Police Dept
Cecil Spencer 8/26/1928 Fordson Police Dept
James W Cranston 7/26/1945 Genesee County Sheriff's  Dept
Ben R Walker 4/6/1971 Genesee County Sheriff's  Dept
Carl D Raymond 10/17/1955 Gladwin Police Dept
Cecil R Cowell 8/12/1962 Gladwin Police Dept
Scott A Flahive 12/13/1994 Grand Haven Dept of Public Safety
George Powers 8/22/1895 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Henry Slater 9/4/1907 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Millard F Davis 8/25/1916 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Charles I DeYoung 6/7/1920 Grand Rapids Police Dept
George Geng 5/17/1921 Grand Rapids Police Dept
George Brandsma 12/7/1921 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Samuel Slater 12/9/1921 Grand Rapids Police Dept
John Meiboom 10/10/1925 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Francis M Gallup 5/13/1946 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Stanley VanTuinen 12/3/1966 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Wayne Vonk 1/19/1969 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Herman R Gloe 12/12/1974 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Joseph F Taylor 11/17/1986 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Daniel Duyst 5/30/1994 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Robert A Kozminski 7/8/2007 Grand Rapids Police Dept
Guy A Fuller 7/1/1958 Grand Traverse County Sheriff's  Office
Albert W. Large 8/7/1903 Grand Trunk Railroad Police Dept
Charles George Nolan, Sr. 5/13/1924 Grand Trunk Railroad Police Dept
John P Constantine 3/7/1926 Grand Trunk Railroad Police Dept
Walter Awe 1/20/1929 Grand Trunk Railroad Police Dept
Benjamin J. Koles 9/15/1930 Grand Trunk Railroad Police Dept
Edward Cerveny 4/24/1923 Greenfield Township Police Dept
Kenneth G Pine 3/17/1975 Grosse Pointe Farms Police Dept
Claude Lanstra 6/1/1930 Grosse Pointe Park Police Dept
Erhardt Meyer 6/1/1930 Grosse Pointe Park Police Dept
Frank Snay 12/13/1946 Grosse Pointe Park Police Dept
Steven J Molitor 12/12/1985 Grosse Pointe Park Police Dept
Frank Boza 3/4/1924 Hamtramck Police Dept
John Goralczyk 11/3/1926 Hamtramck Police Dept
Barnard J. Roth 7/5/1930 Hamtramck Police Dept
John F Mickley 9/1/1930 Hamtramck Police Dept
Jake J McCullough 12/5/1981 Hannahville Tribal Police Dept
Philip Genna 11/19/1956 Harper Woods Police Dept
Robert Micheletti 9/27/1981 Harper Woods Police Dept
Jessica A Nagle-Wilson 7/28/2002 Hazel Park Police Dept
Ernest M Jones 10/20/1926 Highland Park Police Dept
John P Tsolis 4/16/1974 Highland Park Police Dept
Harland O Wood 10/16/1930 Hillsdale County Sheriff's  Dept
James M Pollock Jr 10/8/1913 Houghton County Sheriff's  Office
William Romano 11/4/1930 Houghton Police Dept
Eric J Johnson 8/31/1997 Howard City Police Dept
Wallace E Averill 7/31/1952 Howell City Police Dept
Kelly J Vermeersch 6/11/2000 Huron County Sheriff's  Dept
Paul L Cole 10/6/1996 Ingham County Sheriff's  Office
Grant W Whitaker 12/7/2014 Ingham County Sheriff's  Office
Clay Hoover 7/9/1987 Inkster Police Dept
Daniel J Dubiel 7/9/1987 Inkster Police Dept
Ira Parker 7/9/1987 Inkster Police Dept
Kenneth E Woodmore 6/17/1994 Inkster Police Dept
Charles C Miller 7/1/1934 Iosco County Sheriff's  Dept
Harry V Worden 7/29/1920 Jackson County Sheriff's  Dept
Frederick Reilly 6/19/1954 Jackson County Sheriff's  Dept
John Schwimmer 12/01/1893 Jackson Police Dept
Frederick Booth 3/19/1906 Jackson Police Dept
John Holzapfel 2/5/1907 Jackson Police Dept
Leonard Carey 12/13/1930 Jackson Police Dept
William James Nixon 4/27/1978 Jackson Police Dept
James D Bonneau 3/9/2010 Jackson Police Dept
Benjamin F Orcutt 12/12/1867 Kalamazoo County Sheriff's  Dept
Eric E Zapata 4/18/2011 Kalamazoo Dept of Public Safety
Charles H Forward 9/11/1921 Kent County Sheriff's  Dept
Charles Knapp 5/25/1932 Kent County Sheriff's  Dept
Lester J Barden 1/17/1979 Kentwood Police Dept
Robert C Radden 5/27/1969 Lake County Sheriff's  Office
Anthony P Shepeard 12/4/1980 Lake Linden Police Dept
Alexander Lang 9/2/1932 Lansing Police Dept
Gottlieb Sohn 5/23/1943 Lansing Police Dept
Mac J Donnelly Jr 6/16/1977 Lansing Police Dept
Dean A Whitehead 5/9/1985 Lansing Police Dept
Julie A Englehardt 2/12/1988 Lansing Police Dept
George Carrigan 11/17/1941 Lapeer County Sheriff's  Office
Stanley B Hoisington 10/14/1936 Lenawee County Sheriff's  Office
Donald V Deford 3/14/1988 Lincoln Township Police Dept
Sidney A Dethloff 6/23/1952 Livonia Police Dept
James T Kelley 4/10/1992 Livonia Police Dept
Ervin M H Johnston I 1/19/2007 Livonia Police Dept
Larry J Nehasil 1/17/2011 Livonia Police Dept
Arlo Slagle 7/20/1958 Ludington Police Dept
Joachim Matthews 12/2/1910 Macomb County Sheriff's  Office
Clarence H LaCroix 8/25/1925 Macomb County Sheriff's  Office
Ryan K Settlemoir 6/12/2009 Madison Heights Police Dept
Robin A Arnold 2/4/1994 Manistee County Sheriff's  Dept
Ole Arnesen 11/22/1917 Manistique Dept of Public Safety
James C Lounsberry 1/19/1986 Marlette Police Dept
Martin J Ford 8/24/1924 Marquette City Police Dept
Thomas J Thornton 8/24/1924 Marquette City Police Dept
John J Kohl 3/9/1885 Marquette County Sheriff's  Office
Max L Altman 3/12/1966 Mason County Sheriff's  Dept
James R Hinkley 8/6/1938 Mason Police Dept
Scot A Beyerstedt 7/26/2005 Mattawan Police Dept
Cashel L Furgerson 1/3/1955 Melvindale Police Dept
Daniel Vreeland 8/11/1911 Michigan Central Railroad Police Dept
Frank J Cook 8/11/1911 Michigan Central Railroad Police Dept
 Rodney Goe 5/18/1918 Michigan Central Railroad Police Dept
Boleslaus J Wozniak 5/20/1918 Michigan Central Railroad Police Dept
Frank S. Wilson 4/1/1908 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Julius A Salmonson 11/15/1908 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Arvid Erickson 9/29/1926 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Emil Skoglund 9/29/1926 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Theron A Craw 11/5/1928 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Andrew Schmeltz 10/21/1936 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Maurice C Luck 3/16/1938 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Carlyle B. Smith 4/17/1943 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Thomas J Mellon 10/23/1947 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Edward C Starback 8/8/1957 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Gerald F Welling 9/10/1972 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Scott Averill 10/23/1980 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Arthur A Green 8/9/2015 Michigan Dept of Natural Resources
Harold E Anderson 3/12/1921 Michigan State Police
Milan Pratt 4/15/1922 Michigan State Police
John P Clinton 1/8/1923 Michigan State Police
Harvey E Bolen 5/4/1923 Michigan State Police
William F Martz 3/12/1925 Michigan State Police
Howard H Funk 7/8/1926 Michigan State Police
Sam Mapes 5/1/1927 Michigan State Police
Delos A Williams 6/30/1929 Michigan State Police
John S Burke 10/13/1930 Michigan State Police
Richard F Hammond 1/20/1937 Michigan State Police
Irvine F Wurm 1/26/1941 Michigan State Police
John W Cain 11/26/1941 Michigan State Police
Charles T Wood 4/14/1942 Michigan State Police
Ralph L Broullire 3/16/1943 Michigan State Police
John D Ryan 3/3/1950 Michigan State Police
George R Branny 4/12/1950 Michigan State Police
Perry L Critchell 3/20/1954 Michigan State Police
Calvin R Jones 2/10/1956 Michigan State Police
Bert A Pozza 11/19/1956 Michigan State Police
George E Lappi 11/19/1956 Michigan State Police
Dugald A Pellot 9/30/1957 Michigan State Police
Albert W Souden 9/3/1959 Michigan State Police
Robert R Gonser 8/8/1968 Michigan State Police
Carl P Lindberg 5/26/1969 Michigan State Police
Rodger M Adams 5/14/1971 Michigan State Police
Charles B Stark 12/31/1971 Michigan State Police
Gary T Rampy 12/31/1971 Michigan State Police
Steven B DeVries 10/12/1972 Michigan State Police
Darryl M Rantanen 5/27/1974 Michigan State Police
Larry L Forreider 12/5/1974 Michigan State Police
Norman R Killough 10/7/1978 Michigan State Police
Harry A Sorenson 12/5/1978 Michigan State Police
David W Hubbard 9/16/1980 Michigan State Police
Allan P Peterson 8/29/1981 Michigan State Police
Craig A Scott 2/9/1982 Michigan State Police
Vicki M DeVries 7/22/1982 Michigan State Police
Tony L Thames 6/12/1983 Michigan State Police
Robert J Mihalik 9/9/1984 Michigan State Police
Paul L Hutchins 8/29/1985 Michigan State Police
James E Boland 7/26/1987 Michigan State Police
Kermit Fitzpatrick 7/7/1991 Michigan State Police
James R DeLoach 2/1/1992 Michigan State Police
Steven J Niewiek 2/2/1992 Michigan State Police
Byron J Erickson 7/31/1993 Michigan State Police
Bryon S Egelski 7/11/1994 Michigan State Police
Manuel H Fields 8/27/1994 Michigan State Police
Frederick A Hardy 11/6/1999 Michigan State Police
Rick L Johnson 5/6/2000 Michigan State Police
Kevin M Marshall 7/7/2003 Michigan State Police
Jeffrey J Werda 4/6/2011 Michigan State Police
Paul K Butterfield II 9/9/2013 Michigan State Police
Chad H Wolf 8/28/2015 Michigan State Police
Timothy J O'Neill 9/20/2017 Michigan State Police
Earl C Martindale 1/18/1935 Midland County Sheriff's  Office
Stephen J Reuther 2/4/1991 Milan Police Dept
Edmond Dull 8/1/1910 Monroe County Sheriff's  Dept
Edward S Kinsey 4/16/1929 Monroe County Sheriff's  Dept
Charles A Brososky Sr 8/7/1995 Monroe County Sheriff's  Dept
Oscar J Reinhardt 8/19/1923 Monroe Police Dept
Solomon Fling 8/2/1925 Monroe Police Dept
Robert A Hutchinson 6/28/1978 Monroe Police Dept
Franklin B Henkel 9/24/1926 Montcalm County Sheriff's  Dept
William L McCarthy 4/27/1982 Montcalm County Sheriff's  Dept
Robert J Ahrens 11/1/1973 Mount Clemens Police Dept
Joseph C Hazeltine 11/15/1908 Muskegon County Sheriff's  Office
Marion Calkins 4/6/1982 Muskegon County Sheriff's  Office
Ernest W Heikkila 2/15/1995 Muskegon County Sheriff's  Office
Johnny O Harris 6/25/1975 Muskegon Heights Police Dept
Charles D Hammond 10/31/1925 Muskegon Police Dept
Benjamin L Carpenter 7/23/1963 Newaygo Police Dept
Clarence Shockley 8/15/1907 Niles City Police Dept
Vance Cooper 3/4/1937 Niles City Police Dept
Eugene King 3/11/1976 Northville Police Dept
Jonathan W Ginka 5/10/2017 Norton Shores Police Dept
Kenneth J Moraska 5/23/1971 Norway Police Dept
Henry R Wolf 5/21/1973 Oak Park Dept of Public Safety
Mason J Samborski 12/28/2008 Oak Park Dept of Public Safety
Albert Anderson 8/12/1917 Oakland County Sheriff's  Office
Edgar H Tedder 11/2/1932 Oakland County Sheriff's  Office
Frank J Greenan 11/2/1932 Oakland County Sheriff's  Office
Claude Wilson  1/27/1935 Oakland County Sheriff's  Office
Eric B Overall 11/23/2017 Oakland County Sheriff's  Office
George Davidson 11/21/1893 Ontonagon County Sheriff's  Office
Fay E Wooster 12/22/1952 Osceola County Sheriff's  Dept
Sophia T Wooster 12/22/1952 Osceola County Sheriff's  Dept
Herbert M Rolfe 4/7/1966 Oscoda County Sheriff's  Dept
Carl L Darling Jr 5/3/1986 Otsego County Sheriff's  Office
John K Gunsell 9/12/2004 Otsego County Sheriff's  Office
John Gould 2/13/1925 Oxford Village Police Dept
Charles H Miller 5/30/1915 Pere Marquette Railway Police Dept
Frank W Miller 10/28/1929 Petersburg Police Dept
Robert Russell 6/6/1950 Petoskey Police Dept
William P Katke Sr 9/29/1955 Pleasant Ridge Police Dept
Millard Blynn 4/20/1913 Pontiac Police Dept
Frank Powley 8/7/1926 Pontiac Police Dept
Allison Schultz 9/8/1929 Pontiac Police Dept
Thomas Metcalf 3/10/1937 Pontiac Police Dept
George Corneail 3/21/1937 Pontiac Police Dept
Donny E Ashley 7/3/1968 Pontiac Police Dept
Gerald L Carpenter 12/7/1976 Pontiac Police Dept
Roy Shambleau 10/10/1930 Port Huron Police Dept
Duane A Badder 10/29/1979 Presque Isle County Sheriff's  Dept
Michael H Sheridan 2/2/1978 Richland Township Police Dept
Omer J Reygaert 9/21/1969 Romeo Police Dept
William F Delmar 10/1/1966 Roosevelt Park Police Dept
Amos Forbes 12/24/1881 Roscommon County Sheriff's  Office
Ronald E Unger 11/30/1987 Roscommon Township Police Dept
Lawrence Cooney 6/15/1937 Roseville Police Dept
William Oliver 7/12/1937 Roseville Police Dept
Robert A Young 2/18/1978 Roseville Police Dept
Albert O DeSmet 11/5/1987 Roseville Police Dept
Jesse R Crowe 11/24/1931 Royal Oak City Police Dept
Lee Cole 11/29/1944 Royal Oak City Police Dept
James L Riley 4/20/1973 Royal Oak City Police Dept
James Gatewood Jr 6/22/1961 Royal Oak Township Police Dept
Ernest J Dankert 8/10/1979 Saginaw County Sheriff's  Dept
John Schmiegel 7/16/1924 Saginaw Police Dept
Zigmund Ozerajtys 7/29/1926 Saginaw Police Dept
Roy McKee 5/13/1927 Saginaw Police Dept
Daniel Waters 12/8/1950 Saginaw Police Dept
Clarence Dietzel 12/10/1950 Saginaw Police Dept
Leon Scott 5/20/1967 Saginaw Police Dept
Gary D McCullen 12/8/1967 Saginaw Police Dept
Marshal C Ring 9/14/1864 Saginaw Police Dept
Torrence MacMillan 5/15/1923 Sault Ste  Marie Police Dept
Clyde E Powell 9/14/1941 Sault Ste  Marie Police Dept
John R Weir 11/7/2004 Sault Ste  Marie Police Dept
Michael McAllister 1/9/1976 South Haven Police Dept
Donald L Harding 8/5/1962 Southfield Police Dept
James W McMahon 1/23/1971 Southfield Police Dept
John D MacDonald 10/12/1962 St Clair City Police Dept
Charles A Cavanagh 3/16/1934 St Clair County Sheriff's  Dept
David R Hanton Jr 2/8/1941 St Clair County Sheriff's  Dept
 Matthias A Stine Jr 12/29/1945 St Clair County Sheriff's  Dept
Donald A Bezenah  8/31/1990 St Clair County Sheriff's  Dept
Gordon R McAllister 5/20/1945 St Clair Shores Police Dept
Harry H Davis 5/20/1945 St Clair Shores Police Dept
Francis LaMunion 6/23/1927 St Joseph Police Dept
Charles H Skalay  12/14/1929 St Joseph Police Dept
Leroy H Imus 12/2/1971 Sterling Heights Police Dept
Norman E Stolzenfeld 10/7/1983 Sterling Heights Police Dept
Mark A Sawyers 6/5/2004 Sterling Heights Police Dept
Roy L Graham 7/28/1985 Sumpter Township Police Dept
Matthew L Edwards 7/23/2010 Taylor Police Dept
Dennis W Finch 5/13/1998 Traverse City Police Dept
Robert D Pare 2/9/1968 Trenton Police Dept
Charles E Smetana 12/11/1969 Troy Police Dept
Martin D Chivas 4/22/1974 Troy Police Dept
Andrew A Bastendorff 6/5/1929 Utica Police Dept
Trevor P Slot 10/13/2011 Walker Police Dept
Edward A Rea 3/3/1969 Warren Police Dept
Christopher M Wouters 10/11/2000 Warren Police Dept
Leo Borders 8/3/1966 Washtenaw County Sheriff's  Dept
Jerry Russo 1/14/1967 Washtenaw County Sheriff's  Dept
Frank Crampton 1/15/1970 Washtenaw County Sheriff's  Dept
Harold C Ewald 12/8/1970 Washtenaw County Sheriff's  Dept
Michael A Scarbrough 2/9/2005 Wayne County Airport Authority Police Dept
Thomas L Wojtowicz 11/12/1968 Wayne County Sheriff's  Dept
Henry C Henderson 3/9/1972 Wayne County Sheriff's  Dept
Paul L Mickel 11/18/1973 Wayne County Sheriff's  Dept
Thomas E Andrews 12/4/1976 Wayne County Sheriff's  Dept
William Dickerson 9/11/1991 Wayne County Sheriff's  Dept
Leonard J Anderson 5/25/1974 Wayne Police Dept
Collin J Rose 11/23/2016 Wayne State University Police Dept
Patrick J O'Rourke 9/9/2012 West Bloomfield Police Dept
Douglas D Downing 7/11/1975 Ypsilanti Police Dept
William Glerum 7/18/1933 Zeeland Police Dept


You can learn more about Michigan's fallen officers at the National Officer Down Memorial Page.