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There were 2,729 overdose deaths in Michigan in 2017, 1,941 were opioid-related. Oct. 21-27, 2018, Opioid Addiction Awareness Week in Michigan – to bring awareness about this public health crisis and highlight the state’s efforts to combat it. #MiOpioidsAwareness 

The nation’s opioid crisis impacts all areas of Michigan – including urban, suburban and rural communities, and all ages including young people and older Michiganders. Visit to stop this deadly epidemic.#MiOpioidsAwareness

Opioids include both illegal drugs, such as heroin, and prescription pain medicine. Visit to learn more.#MiOpioidsAwareness

Together we can stop this deadly epidemic. Visit to learn more.#MiOpioidsAwareness

If you or a loved one are in need of opioid addiction treatment, we have resources to help. Visit to find help.#MiOpioidsAwareness

State agencies are working hand-in-hand to ensure Michiganders have a single source for information and resources to get help and provide education and awareness to help combat this issue going forward. Visit to learn more.#MiOpioidsAwareness


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