Summer Reading Program

The Summer Reading program at public libraries encourages children, youth and families to read and helps children maintain reading skills. To support Summer Reading, the Library of Michigan is a member of the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP).

What's New

The Iowa State Library has posted a great web site of additional materials for the 2016 program. Take a look at their On Your Mark, Get Set, Read site!

Winter Webinar Series will be starting soon! See the dates and descriptions below

  • Thursday, December 3, 2015 RECORDING - “Summer Reading 2016 Resources and Ideas”, Presenter: Karren Reish, Library of Michigan
    Description: What are the 2016 Summer Reading themes? What resources can I get from the Collaborative Summer Library program? Where can I get more training and find programming ideas? What do the manual activities look like this year? Learn about all this and more.

  • Tuesday, January 19, 2016, RECORDING – "One Stop Cards – Bringing in More Families with School IDs and more!", Presenter: Martha Yesowitch, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.
    Description: Learn about ways to bring in non-users and underserved families by allowing alternative identification for library materials check out, such as school ID cards. Collaborating with schools and other local groups in this way can connect the library with children those groups serve.

  • Wednesday, February 10, 2016,  PARTIAL RECORDING - “Reaching Out to Your Community through Summer Food”, Presenters: Karren Reish, Library of Michigan and Bryan Van Dorn, United Way for Southeastern Michigan.
    Description: Reaching community members who are not regular library users with Summer Reading activities can be difficult, especially those in underserved areas. The Summer Food program and non-profit groups that participate in the program can be great partners in this effort. Come learn about the program and ways you can participate in your area from the Department of Education and the United Way. 

  • Tuesday, March 15, 2:00 pm –– “Reluctant Readers and Interactive Reading programs: Read Together and PAWS to Read!” Presenters: Lisa Gonzalez and Beverly Schwartzberg, Santa Barbara Public Library.
    Description: Reluctant readers can be uncomfortable practicing reading. Reading to younger siblings or animals can help children improve their fluency in a less stressful environment than a class setting. Come learn about the Santa Barbara Public Library’s PAWS to Read program. In the program, the Channel City Kennel Club brings dogs to the library every week so kids can practice their reading skills with one of their furry friends! A great way for reluctant readers to practice reading aloud to the kindest, least judgmental listeners around.

Themes & Slogans

Each year, Collaborative Summer Library Program selects themes and slogans for future programs. Here are the current themes and slogans:

2016 Theme: Wellness, Fitness, and Sports
2016 Children's slogan: On Your Mark, Get Set, READ (Matt Tavares - illustrator)
2016 Teen slogan: Get in the Game: READ
2016 Adult slogan: Exercise Your Mind: READ (Larry Jones - illustrator)

2017 Theme: Build a Better World
2017 Children's slogan: Build a Better World
2017 Teen slogan: Build a Better World
2017 Adult slogan: Build a Better World

2018 Theme: MUSIC

Artwork - 2016 artwork is here!

Each year, CSLP's exclusive vendor contracts with artists to create art for the children, teen, and adult summer library programs. Artwork includes posters, bookmarks, and spot art in black and white and color. Samples of the early literacy, children's and teen art for 2016 are included below. You can find more artwork, including art for the adult program, on the Summer Reading DVDs and online at the CSLP web site in the members section.


Summer reading babies on beach image
sumnmer reading children's slogan

summer reading children riding bikes

summer reading teen slogan get in the game read

summer reading teen border 3 teens playing sports

Summer Food Program

Are you looking for a way improve services to underserved children, to encourage low income families to attend summer programs or Summer Reading activities, or be able to provide food to low income children over the summer? The Michigan Department of Education Summer Food Service Program may be a resource to meet these goals. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) was established to ensure that low income children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session. Free meals, that meet federal nutrition guidelines, are provided to all children at approved SFSP sites in areas with significant concentrations of low income children.

You can find more information on the program and how to collaborate with participating institutions at the Information for Public Libraries fact sheet. You can find participating site locations at For more information, visit For  great Summer Food program planning information and ideas for public libraries, go to the California Summer Meal Coalition site at

Summer Food Service logo

2015 Summer Reading National Partners

CSLP is continuing to partner with national organizations in 2015.  For those looking to expand into math topics, Bedtime Math is is partnering for the 2nd year. For 2015, Bedtime Math's Summer of Numbers program is focused on "Be A Math Hero." Kids can log onto or download its app for iPhone or Android to get zany daily math riddles - all for free. Kids can track their progress using Bedtime Math's constellation map and shiny star stickers, which are available through the CSLP website. See the Allies and Resources section of the CSLP web site, under Members & Sponsors, for more materials, discounts and other information on all the partner organizations.

Other 2015 partners include:

  • Ellison
  • The Great Reading Adventure
  • Bearport Publishing
  • Lunar & Planetary Institute
  • Movie License USA
  • National Geographic
  • National Park Service
  • National Summer Learning Association
  • Sibling Project @ Santa Barbara Public Library
  • StarWalk Kids
  • TEI Landmark Audio
  • Wordsworth Publishing
  • Xist Publishing


Do you need a flyer to advertise your summer reading program to your local teachers or a handout to give to parents? Feel free to download and personalize these flyers for your community. The Summer Reading program flyers for teachers and parents include information and images from the 2015 program and have space for your library's contacts.

2015 Summer Reading Flyer for Teachers
2015 Summer Reading Flyer for Parents


The Library of Michigan purchases Summer Reading manuals from CSLP for each public library building in the state each year. The 2015 manuals were mailed on October 21st. We mail DVD versions of the manual only. If you are missing your manuals or cannot use a DVD, please contact the Library of Michigan. You may also purchase print copies of the manual from CSLP for $12.50 each, including shipping.

Upstart Incentives

Upstart is the commercial vendor selected to produce materials designed exclusively for CSLP members. Public libraries in participating states can purchase posters, reading logs, bookmarks, certificates and a variety of reading incentives at significant savings. You may order in the fall for spring billing and delivery.

Schools and non-profits promoting Summer Reading may now order Summer Reading incentives from a catalog specifically for them. This partner catalog is included in the manuals mailing.

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

CSLP develops Public Service Announcements each year in audio and video. The PSAs are in English and Spanish and are closed-captioned. These may be downloaded from the CSLP site. You must be logged in as member to download the PSAs from the Proprietary Downloads section of the site.

Rules of Use/Copyright

The Summer Reading materials and artwork are designed for the exclusive use of CSLP and CSLP members. As such, there are copyright restrictions regarding the use of all CSLP art/graphics and the CSLP program manuals/DVDs. You can find a complete list of what member libraries MAY and MAY NOT do in the Collaborative Summer Library Program RULES OF USE.

Reading Lists/Author Webcasts

CSLP is collaborating with TeachingBooks to provide Summer Reading theme appropriate reading lists, webcasts of author interviews and readings, etc. You can find the materials at Summer Reading related materials are free, but other materials require a subscription.

CSLP Membership

CSLP Conference 2015 Highlights Report

State membership in CSLP allows public libraries in that state to use CSLP manuals and artwork within the Rules of Use. Membership also includes participation in an annual planning conference and committees. The Library of Michigan sends one person to the CSLP conference each year in the spring, but up to three people can attend from each state. If you are able to pay your travel costs and would like to be considered for conference attendance, please contact the Library of Michigan. Most committee work is done via email. If you are interested in participating on a CSLP committee, such as those for the manuals, diversity, marketing and pr, etc., again, please contact the Library of Michigan.

The CSLP web site also has extensive additional materials for members, including signing videos, adult literacy materials, logos, PSAs, web banners, non-English slogans, etc. You can register for a member account at the web site.

Previous  Summer Reading Webinars

2015 Winter Webinar Series

  • Summer Reading 101: Learning about the Manuals, Programs and Online Resources. Karren Reish, Library of Michigan. WEBINAR RECORDING
  • Learning Challenges as a Way to Increase the Impact of Summer Reading.. Andrea Vaughn Johnson, Brooklyn Public
    WEBINAR RECORDING, Presentation
  • Online Summer Reading Options: What Services Are Out There and What Can You Do With Them. Karren Reish, Library of Michigan. WEBINAR RECORDING
  • School Visits and Summer Reading. Cynthia Zervos, Farmington Public Schools and Dottie Donahue-Pheney, Farmington Community Library. WEBINAR RECORDING

2014 Special Webinar

Other Summer Reading Materials and Resources

  • CSLP has completed a white paper on the impact of Summer Reading programming that can help support the need for the program in your community. CSLP Summer Reading White Paper.
  • The Idaho Commission for Libraries has a great Summer Reading Outreach Guidebook.
  • For those interested in what other Michigan libraries are doing for Summer Reading programming, Natalize Bazan at the Hopkins District Library has a Sharing Library Ideas site with a Summer Programs page.
  • For those interested in using the Summer Reading Resources in Gale Cengage databases, Gale has videos on how to do online book clubs, using Gale resources for children and teen activities, etc. You can find these videos under Summer Reading in the Gale On-Demand Training site.
  • For those looking to improve or expand their Summer Reading programming, the Oregon State Library has Summer Reading Best Practices available.
  • The State Library of New York has an extensive Summer Reading information at the Summer Reading at New York Libraries site.
  • The American Library Association has a Library Summer Reading Programs fact sheet that provides details on the benefits and background of Summer Reading.

More Sites:

  • Colorin Colorado is a bilingual site is PBS program with a free web-based service that provides information, activities and advice for educators and Spanish-speaking families of English language learners at the Colorin Colorado site.
  • The National Center for Family Literacy has a free, online program with weekly interactive activities at the Wonderopolis site.
  • The Library of Virginia has 365 days of activities, book suggestions, themes, materials, and more at the Day By Day VA: Family Literacy Calendar site. It is a daily early literacy program.
  • Reading Rockets is a PBS program that includes a national multimedia literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read at the Reading Rockets site. In the Reading Topics A-Z section, you can find information directly on Summer Reading.
  • Ready to Read at New York Public Libraries has a significant amount of early literacy materials for libraries.
  • YALSA Handouts and Flyers has a wealth of materials (recorded presentations, bookmarks, flyers, etc.) on teen services and issues from the Young Adult Library Services Association.

Resources about the Impact of Summer Reading/Learning

This project is made possible by grant funds from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) administered by the State of Michigan through the Library of Michigan.

If you have any questions about the Summer Reading program or Michigan's membership in CSLP, please contact Karren Reish at or 517-241-0021.

Updated 01/11/2016