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Conservation Tips and Tricks - April 24, 2013
Topics such as cleaning, deacidifying, and encapsulating documents, as well as constructing a box for large rolled items like maps are discussed. Presenters also demonstrate constructing and using an inexpensive humidity chamber to help flatten rolled documents. (55 minutes)

Doing Digital Preservation at GVSU - April 22, 2013
Hear a case study demonstrating how an academic institution manages digital preservation. Topics will include workflow, working with various media types, incorporating OAIS, and the various tools they use. (56 minutes)

Introduction to Digital Preservation: Managing Content Over Time – Session 1, Identify and Select – March 21, 2013
This webinar series will cover the steps needed to ensure the digital files in an institution’s collections are available and usable in the future. The training walks the participants through the steps beginning with identifying what digital resources their institution has through protecting those resources and ultimately providing access to them. (55 minutes, files for Session 1 are only available in Session 3 recording)

Introduction to Digital Preservation Series: Managing Content Over Time – Session 2, Store and Protect – March 28, 2013
 (55 minutes)

Introduction to Digital Preservation Series: Managing Content Over Time – Session 3, Manage and Provide – April 4, 2013 



Counting Opinions Library Statistics Software
Hear from Counting Opinions staff on how to use and submit your annual report data with the new reporting software.

How to Use LibPas Software to Create Custom Reports - Nov 19, 2014
Joe Hamlin, State Data Coordinator, demonstrates how libraries can use LibPas to create custom reports using current and historical data.



2015 School Visits and Summer Reading

2015 Online Summer Reading Options: What Services Are Out There and What Can You Do With Them

2015 Learning Challenges as a Way to Increase the Impact of Summer Reading

2015 Summer Reading 101: Learn about the Manuals, Programs and Online Resources

2014 Online Clubs and Social Media: Using Apps, Badges, Clubs and Games

2014 Getting Past the Reading Log: New Program Ideas for Children and Teens

2014 Adult Summer Reading: Bringing Adults on Board to Encourage Adult and Family Literacy