Public, Co-op and BTBL Library Statistics

  • Michigan Library Statistics 2007 Thru 2013.

    Statistical image Michigan library statistics are compiled from the Annual Report/State Aid Application submitted by public libraries, cooperatives and braille and talking book libraries. The statistics are offered here as multi-tab Microsoft Excel sheets. The survey introductions and applications are offered as .pdfs.

    Please refer any questions regarding these statistics to the Library Data Coordinator at (517) 373-3828.

  • Michigan Library Data Digest


  • The new Public Library Annual Reporting/State Aid Application Software, Counting Opinions LibPAS!

    When the FY 2014/2015 Public Library Annual Report/State Aid Application opens on October 1st of 2014, the Library of Michigan will implement new software. We will be using Counting Opinions’ Library Performance Assessment software LibPAS. This new software with its intuitive design, allows for a much smoother data collection process and many more robust reporting features for libraries.

    LibPAS offers users many options to make the survey process as easy as possible for everyone, including:

    • The ability to easily move between sections within the survey  
    • Auto-save from one data entry point to the next, eliminating lost data  
    • Previous year reported values will be visible during entry
    • Note fields will be easy to use during edit checks
    • Printed reports will be clear and will allow for multiple print options.  

    Use The Library Performance Assessment Software (LibPAS) at

    A webinar introducing the new LibPAS software can be found HERE

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