Federal Documents Collection at the Library of Michigan

The Library of Michigan is one of 43 selective federal documents depository libraries in Michigan. The collection includes maps and publications in print, microfiche and CD format. The library also provides public access to electronic government information available via the Internet. The publications selected for this collection are chosen to serve the needs of the Library's primary clientele.

ANSWER, the library's online catalog, indicates the location and classification number for each document. Many documents published prior to 1989 are not listed on ANSWER. Documents that were published prior to 1989 to the present can be identified using the GPO Monthly Catalog. Assistance in finding federal documents is available at the Reference Desk on the second floor.

Federal documents primarily are located on the fourth floor, with a core reference collection, maps, microfiche and CD-Roms housed on the second floor. They are arranged by Superintendent of Documents classification number which organizes them in order by issuing agency.

The Library of Michigan's federal documents are available for use on-site during the Library's open hours. Circulation of these materials is limited, please contact the Library for more information.

Updated 6/17/2014