Michigan's AmeriCorps Member of the Month

MI AmeriCorps Member of the Month - June 2015: Danielle Glasgow-Dixon, Economic Opportunity Coaching

Danielle Glasgow-Dixon was new to the human services field when she began her AmeriCorps service with the Economic Opportunity Coaching Program, but she quickly found that her skills and experience from previous positions helped her be successful. With her background in fitness and teaching fitness classes, she regularly has to motivate students to achieve their goals. These skills have served her well in AmeriCorps.

The Economic Opportunity Coaching Program serves Peckham, Inc. clients in Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton counties in Michigan. The program's mission is to assist clients in improving their economic stability. As a part-time AmeriCorps member, Danielle serves in Peckham’s Adult Learning Program, which provides tutoring to individuals with significant disabilities and refugees working at Peckham. These services allow clients to improve their English reading and writing comprehension, as well as study for the GED and U.S. citizenship test.

Danielle decided to join AmeriCorps because she wanted to give back. She is in a place in her life where she is able to follow her passion. Being new to the Lansing community, Danielle saw AmeriCorps as a way to get involved and learn more about the area. She chose Peckham's program specifically because she is passionate about helping people and wanted to make a direct impact with individuals that have barriers.

Of the clients Danielle has served, six have made significant improvements in their English reading and writing comprehension. More specifically, one client's goal was to finish a novel on her own, which she was able to do after tutoring sessions with Danielle that helped her understand some of the more difficult words and phrases in the novel; another client improved two reading levels and conversational skills; and another client now recognizes and uses 20 new words in English.

“The clients Danielle serves at Peckham appreciate her kind demeanor and tenacity when helping them learn a new language, which is no easy feat,” stated AmeriCorps program director Michelle Mathis. “During the month of May, Danielle really stepped up for the AmeriCorps team by helping to mentor and support some of her fellow members who recently began their term of service. She truly showed her commitment to the AmeriCorps program and to helping others. Danielle is certainly an Ameri-All-Star!”

For more information about the Economic Opportunity Coaching Program, please contact program director Michelle Mathis at mmathis@peckham.org. For more information about AmeriCorps, visit www.americorps.gov.