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  • About the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

    Careers at MDARD logoWe're the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.  MDARD is comprised of six divisions that use a customer-driven, solution-oriented approach to cultivate and expand new economic opportunities for the food and agricultural sector; safeguard the public’s food supply; inspect and enforce sound animal health practices; control and eradicate plant pests and diseases threatening the $101.2 billion food and agriculture system; preserve the environment by which the farming community makes their living and feeds consumers; and protect consumers by enforcing laws relating to weights and measures.

    When the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) was created in 1921, its primary responsibility was to implement laws pertaining to the production, handling and distribution of agricultural products. The department was given the mandate to promote agricultural interests in Michigan and foster direct trading or marketing between producers and consumers.

    Although some things have remained constant, the 21st century has brought considerable new challenges and opportunities for MDARD. The department's job has become larger and more complex, and the technology more advanced.

    Today, MDARD operates according to much larger goals. In its dual role of regulator and marketer, the department provides Michigan citizens with quality services and information by working cooperatively with many state, federal and local agencies and other organizations including universities, colleges and associations.

Benefits Available to State of Michigan Employees

  • Complete List of Benefits Available to State of Michigan Employees

    Insurance Benefits
    State of Michigan employment benefits include health, dental, vision, life insurance, long-term disability, and many voluntary benefit options.

    Vacation/Leave Time
    Full time employees receive between 15 and 35 vacation leave days per year, 13 sick days per year, and 8 hours annually to participate in certain school functions or community activities. Employees may also qualify for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for certain family or medical situations.

    Paid Holidays
    State employees receive 12 scheduled holidays each year, which include New Years Eve Day and New Years Day, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day just to name a few.

    Alternative Work Schedules
    Flexible work schedules and telecommuting options are available in many jobs.

    Deferred Compensation
    Employees may invest income in a tax-deferred retirement investment program. The state offers two optional deferred compensation plans, the 457 and 401(k). Employees decide the amount to be deducted from their paychecks.

    For a complete list of benefits available to State of Michigan employees, please visit this page on the Civil Service Commission website.

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Hot Jobs @ MDARD

  • Departmental Analyst 9-12 - Qualified Forest Program Local Government Liaison

    This position is responsible for determining if land qualifies for enrollment in the Qualified Forest Program (QFP) by reviewing and analyzing applications.  This position actively interacts with conservation district staff to coordinate eligibility reviews for enrollment in the program and for confirmation of forestry practices and harvests.  This position actively works with landowners, consulting foresters, county equalization offices, county treasurers, county registers of deeds, township treasurers, township assessors, and township supervisors.  This position is involved in the active promotion of the QFP, developing supporting materials for the program, providing presentations and public speaking, and providing information on the program's website.  This position prepares annual reports for the program and documents s ...

  • Metrologist 9-11 - Laboratory

    This position advises and assists the department and division administration in carrying out the overall state weights and measures program.  Also serves as resource for weights and measures as it pertains to field staff, industry, other agencies, and legal action.  Schedules certifications and calibration performed in the metrology laboratory.  Composes laboratory analysis reports and reports of test and calibration certificates for the work done in the laboratory.  Trains other metrologists in all phases of metrology work.  Provide training for field staff, specialists and industry in the technical subjects related to weights and measures.  This position works with program specialists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to assure the integrity and traceability of the commercial and law enforcement ...

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