What you need to know if you are an Interpreter who wants to work in Michigan

  • Sign language interpreters who want to work in the state of Michigan as sign language interpreters must have listed their interpreting credentials with the Division and have a valid Michigan certification card in order to be considered legally eligible to work in this state. If an interpreter desires to work in specialized settings, then they are required to obtain Michigan Endorsements which have separate eligibility requirements for each applicable Endorsement.

    Michigan certified interpreters are issued identification cards which indicates their current skill level and any Endorsements they hold. It is standard practice to ask interpreters to show their cards. All Michigan certified interpreters are bound by the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct which stresses the confidentiality of interpreted information. Michigan certified interpreters must also comply with the Deaf Person’s Interpreter Act and the Qualified Interpreter-General Rules (MCL 393.5001-393.5095).

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