Central Registry

When there is evidence that an individual has abused or neglected a child and the future risk to the child is high or intensive (based on the structured decision making risk assessment tool), that individual's name is placed on the Central Registry. Note: Child Protection Law requires certain persons' names to go on Central Registry regardless of risk.   

Central Registry Clearance Request
Clearance requests are limited to certain employers, agencies, state officials and individuals. 




 When names are placed on the Central Registry, DHS sends each individual a written notification which includes:

  • Information on the individual's right to review the case record.
  • Information on the individual's right to appeal the decision to place his or her name on the Central Registry.
  • Instructions on how to file an appeal.

Perpetrator Rights

You have a right to be notified that your name is being placed on Central Registry; this is called due process.  You will receive a letter through certified mail or it will be hand delivered by the CPS worker. The letter will explain the following:

  • That your name is being listed on Central Registry and why.
  • Who can view your name on Central Registry.
  • What to do if you disagree with your name being listed on Central Registry.

If you dispute  your name being listed on Central Registry, write a letter to the DHS director in the county where the investigation occurred. Include a request that your name be expunged (removed) from the Central Registry.

If your request is denied, an Administrative Hearing will be scheduled on your behalf. You will receive a letter with information including date, time, and location of the hearing. An impartial Administrative Law Judge will then determine if your name will be removed from Central Registry. IF YOUR NAME WAS PLACED ON CENTRAL REGISTRY ON OR AFTER MARCH 31, 2015: You must make your request in writing within 240 days of notification that your name has been placed on Central Registry to have your request for expunction (removal) from Central Registry considered.