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    Biking in Michigan

    The Michigan Department of Transportation is working to create a better and safer roadway for all legal users by providing a variety of services and information supporting walking and bicycling including:
    - Training for engineers and planners
    - Educational and safety videos and publications on bicycling and walking
    - Road and Trail Bicycle Maps to view, order or print
    - U.S. Bicycle Routes 20 and 35 information
    - State and National Parks information for bicyclists
    - Information on the use of ferries and major bridges MDOT works to bring this information as a service to the biking public

    Bicyclists are urged to prepare their own assessment of traffic, roads, and trails and plan routes appropriate to their riding skills.

    Discover the advantages of exploring Michigan by bicycle!
    For Michigan bicycling information, call The League of Michigan Bicyclists at  517-334-9100.
    Request a free Michigan Biking & Tourism Information packet.

    Explore Michigan by bicycle! Explore Michigan by bicycle! Explore Michigan by bicycle! Explore Michigan by bicycle! Explore Michigan by bicycle! Explore Michigan by bicycle!


    Training Wheels PDF icon An educational course on planning and design of on-road bicycle facilities.

    Walkability Reviews PDF icon A hands-on evaluation of the walking conditions in a portion of the community and a discussion of design improvement ideas.

    Biking Quick Links
     •  Non-Motorized Plans by MDOT Region
     •  Tourism Information
     •  Promotional Organizations
     •  Biking in State/National Parks
     •  Bicycles on Ferries
     •  Biking on Major Bridges
     •  Mi Commute - Biking
     •  MiDrive: Traffic and Construction by Location or Route
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