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  • Dawn and Mollie

    Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters

    Submit your mentoring story of how mentoring makes a difference in the lives of youth and their mentors.

  • Faith-Based Mentor Recruitment Toolkit The Mentor Michigan Foster Care Initiative is a partnership between Mentor Michigan and the Department of Human Services (DHS). The goal of the initiative is to enhance support for mentoring programs serving youth in foster care and increase the number of foster youth in mentoring relationships. Click here to learn more about supporting youth in foster care through mentoring.
  • Mentor Michigan's Training & Technical Assistance Mentor Michigan offers training and technical assistance to mentoring programs on a variety of topics. 
  • Become A Mentor

    Do you want to become a mentor? Learn how to get connected with a local mentoring program here.

  • Social Media & Mentoring Social media and networking offer numerous ways to engage with volunteers, youth, and staff with your program. According to research obtained through the Mentor Michigan Census, the majority of mentoring organizations report using some type of social media, with the use of Facebook being the most common.
  • College Positive Mentoring Toolkit College positive mentoring encourages and creates a pathway for K-12 youth to consider, plan for, and attend post-secondary institutions. Check out our new College Positive Mentoring Toolkit that supports this effort!
  • Men in Mentoring Toolkit Recruiting male mentors is one of the biggest challenges programs report. Please utilize Mentor Michigan's "Men in Mentoring Toolkit" to discover useful language to engage males in mentoring.
  • Quality Program Standards and Checklist Mentor Michigan and its Providers Council believe it is vital for Michigan's mentoring programs to operate with the highest possible quality so Quality Program Standards have been developed. Also available is a Checklist, which is a self-assessment tool for mentoring programs.
  • An Interview with Dr. Michael Karcher Mentor Michigan was lucky enough to host Dr. Michael Karcher from the University of Texas at San Antonio as the keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Michigan's Premier Mentoring Conference this past November in East Lansing.
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