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Paying for College

Education beyond high school can give you choices that may not otherwise be possible. It can open doors to better paying jobs, and give you the opportunity to do the things you enjoy most. By advancing your education, you can expand your possibilities and increase your career choices.

To explore options to help pay for college, start here. You will learn about the various kinds of financial aid such as federal, state, institutional, and private fund(s) used to assist eligible students in funding their education.

News & Highlights

• ED Issues Warning About Student Loan Debt Relief and Credit Repair Advertisements The Department of Education has issued a warning about companies that charge borrowers for repayment options offered free through the federal student loan programs. The warning also highlights the tactics many of these companies use that require you to provide information or sign documents that can create additional problems.

• About the Student Financial Services Bureau

SSG is proud to be a division in the Student Financial Services Bureau (SFSB) within the Michigan Department of Treasury. Recently, the SFSB produced a short video clip that provides an overview of all the divisions. Check out the video here:

• Mapping Your Future Mapping Your Future’s calculators enable students, parents, and others to manage their money and student loans. One of the most popular calculators, the student loan repayment calculator, was recently updated to increase the maximum interest rate to 12 percent. While the current federal student loan interest rate is not at 12 percent, this adjustment in the calculator allows for different interest rates in the future based on the caps set by Congress. The following link will provide the new calculator.

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