OSE Spotlight
  • New Collective Bargaining Agreements Approved

    On December 16, 2015 the Civil Service Commission approved new agreements for employees represented by the UAW, MCO, SEIU 517M S&E Unit, HSS Unit and Technical Unit, MSEA and AFSCME Council 25. Non-economic provisions of the agreements took effect January 1, 2016 and will expire December 31, 2018. Wage and group insurance provisions are effective in October 2016 through September 30, 2017. Upon timely written notice by either party, wages and group insurances may be negotiated for FY 2017-18 and 2018-19.

    Effective October 1, 2016 eligible employees covered by these agreements will receive a 1% base wage increase, and a one-time lump sum payment equal to 1.5% of their annualized base hourly rate of pay in effect as of October 2, 2016 which shall not be rolled into the base.  

    Effective the first full pay period in October 2016 the State Health Plan PPO will include a voluntary telemedicine program, the Dental Plan will include an occlusal guard every 5 years, and a new Vision Plan will provide enhanced benefits.  More detail will be available on the Employee Benefits Division web page prior to Open Enrollment in 2016.

OSE Mission
  • We are committed...To promote the effectiveness and productivity of Michigan State Government by developing and administering progressive state policies in Employment Relations and Employee Health Management and Service Programs.
OSE Professional Development Funds
  • Professional Development Fund

    The Professional Development Fund (PDF) was established in 1991 to provide an opportunity for nonexclusively represented employees to obtain partial reimbursement for education or training that is not available through state-offered training or department funding sources. The program is funded in accordance with the coordinated compensation plan approved by the Civil Service Commission.