• Announcements:

    COVID-19 Insurance Carrier Response: As part of the COVID-19 response, State of Michigan insurance plan carriers are providing additional resources and benefits for enrolled employees. For information on telemedicine visits, copays, prescription refills, and individual FAQ pages, view the Carrier COVID-19 Response Guide and the Telemedicine Benefit Summary.

    The 2019 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Grace Period ended March 15, 2020. Any remaining funds left in 2019 FSAs needed to be spent on eligible expenses by that date. All 2019 FSA substantiation claims must be submitted by the May 31, 2020 runout date. Visit www.mi.gov/fsa for more information.

    New Medicare Advantage Plan for Medicare Eligible Retirees: The State Health Plan PPO is moving to a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan from the current Medicare Supplemental plan, effective January 1, 2020*. The MA plan will not affect prescription drug, dental, or vision coverage. These will continue to be administered separately by OptumRx, Delta Dental of Michigan, and EyeMed, respectively. Additional information and resources can be found on the Retiree Information page.

    *These changes do not apply to State Police Troopers and Sergeants who retired on or after October 1, 1987.