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Michigan Business Tax (MBT) Details

The Michigan Business Tax (MBT), which was signed into law by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm July 12, 2007, imposes a 4.95% business income tax and a modified gross receipts tax at the rate of 0.8%.  Insurance companies and financial institutions pay alternate taxes (see below). The MBT replaces the Single Business Tax, effective January 1, 2008.

On December 4, 2007, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm signed Public Act 145 of 2007 amending the MBT. Although the primary purpose of PA 145 was to institute an MBT surcharge, PA 145 also makes some additional changes, which are detailed in the link below.

To view additional detail on components of the Michigan Business Tax, choose from the categories below.

The Tax Additional Details and Components

New, Retained, and Expanded Credits Personal Property Tax Credits

Frequently Asked Questions Filing Due Dates

Surcharge MBT FAQ's Referencing Common Adjustments Made to MBT Returns

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