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  • A copy of facility lease evidencing lease cost (if applicable). 
  • A business can search and download a copy of their business filings with the State of Michigan at the link below. The filings a business can find at this link related to this grant program include 1) Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Annual Statement of Registration and 2) Certificate of Good Standing, if applicable. Corporations Division - Search for a business entity (

  • An IRS W9 form allows the State of Michigan to verify the name, address, and tax identification number of an individual receiving income. The State of Michigan is requesting applicants to complete an IRS W9 form in order to issue an IRS 1099 form for businesses who qualify for Growing MI Business Grant funding. Please download and complete the form with:

    1)           Name of person completing the form

    2)           Business name

    3)           Business tax classification

    4)           Review question 4

    5)           Address

    6)           City, State and Zip code

    7)           Review question 7

    In Part I, list the Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or Employer Identification Number, as applicable (this should be the same number provided in the application).

    In Part II, complete the certification and date the form.

    A blank W9 form for completion can be found here:

  • Yes. If a business has an approved extension request, then proof of that request should be uploaded in the application under other supporting documentation.
  • All businesses will need to electronically upload a number of documents to the application

    Documentation required to be uploaded will consist of the following:

    • Evidence of current business registration
    • Documentation of Michigan nonresidential Property Tax paid for CY 2020, and bill for Summer and Winter nonresidential property tax (if applicable)
    • Copy of facility lease evidencing lease cost (if applicable)
    • Copy of Employer’s Quarterly Report UIA Form 1028 (if applicable)
    • 2019 and 2020 federal income tax returns
      • For businesses organized as a C-Corp or LLC filing federally as a C-Corp, please upload your federal 1120 return 
      • For businesses organized as an S-Corp, please upload your federal 1120S return 
      • For business organized as a LLC, please upload your federal 1065 return 
      • For business organized as Sole Proprietorships, please upload your federal 1040 return 
    • 2019 and 2020 Michigan tax returns
      • For businesses that are food service industry, hotel, and bed & breakfast, upload your annual Sales, Use, Withholding Taxes combined return, meaning a 5081 (or amended 5082 if applicable) 
      • For businesses organized as a C-Corp or LLC filing federal as a C-Corp, please upload your Corporate Income Tax return 
      • For business organized as Sole Proprietorships, please upload your Michigan MI-1040 Individual Income Tax Return, or amended return, meaning form 5530
    • 2019 and 2020 audited financial statements (if available)
  • If your business worked with a “marketplace facilitator” in 2020, that is, a business similar to GrubHub, DoorDash or ChowNow, which took business orders from your business’ customers and remitted sales tax on those orders directly to the State of Michigan, not all of your business’ sales may have been reported on your Michigan Sales Tax return.  If a portion of your business’ sales was reported on the SUW return filed by the marketplace facilitator, your return likely will not accurately reflect your total Calendar Year 2020 sales.  In this event, you must upload a spreadsheet and financial statements or other, similar documents with your application reconciling the sales figures your business reported on your Michigan SUW return with the gross receipts figures reported on your federal return and clearly identifying the amounts reported by marketplace facilitators.  If, for any reason, the figures on your Michigan sales tax return still do not “tie out” to the gross receipts figures on the federal return, please explain the discrepancy.  Please note that if your business was in operation on October 1, 2019, and Treasury cannot get an accurate picture of your 2020 sales, you will not be able to participate in the grant program.
  • If a business receives a Growing MI Business Grant award, there will be no post-award reporting required of the business. The Michigan Treasury will complete necessary federal reporting.  Businesses will be required to comply with the eligible uses of received funds detailed in the Beneficiary Agreement.