• Aging Drivers

    Aging Driver

    Information for you, the active driver…

    Driving is a skill you've spent a lifetime on, and you know it's a skill that requires good physical and mental abilities, and quick reactions. This website is designed to help you:

    1) stay active and safe behind the wheel,
    2) decide when it may be time to transition
         to non-driving, and
    3) find alternative transportation options.

Aging Driver

  • Keeping You Driving Safely

    Steering wheelIn this section you’ll learn how to complete a self-assessment of your driving skills, locate a driver refresher course close to you or investigate how health problems and medication can affect your driving.

  • Aging Drivers Considering Driving Retirement

    Moving from driving to driving retirement raises a lot of questions for aging drivers and their families. Information about starting the conversation, alternative modes of transportation and the process for converting a driver's license to a state identification card are found here.

  • aging riders on bus Getting Around After Driving Retirement

    This section features lists of agencies that provide public transportation options. It also lists organizations that can help aging drivers identify ways to keep themselves mobile and independent for as long as possible.

  • Aging Drivers Organizations Related to Aging Drivers

    This section provides a list of state, federal, private sector and nonprofit organizations that address the questions, challenges and concerns confronting aging drivers and their families.