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Your independence is vital…

and driving is a vital skill to get you where you want.

Safe Drivers - Smart Optionsprovides resources for active older drivers, and for drivers who may be considering limiting their driving and finding other transportation choices.

Your goal, and ours, is your safe, lifelong mobility!

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Active Drivers

Driving is a skill you've spent a lifetime on, and you know it's a skill that requires both physical ability and quick reactions.
Click the attached button for a set of resources designed to help you stay active and safe behind the wheel.


Family & Friends

Your loved ones want you to stay active. And they want you to stay safe! Click here for tips and resources  for active older drivers and their family members about safe driving and safe options for getting you where you want to be!


Talking with Professionals

Your health care providers and others,
Including public safety officers and driver licensing experts have a wealth of information designed to keep you safe and keep you active. Here you'll find contact information, ways to discuss your concerns about driving and helping make decisions about driving and other mobility choices