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Resources Developed by the Michigan Autism Council

CMH Referral and Assessment Process

Defines steps for referral and service within the Early On®, CMH, and special education systems.

Education-Based Evaluations for Autism Spectrum Disorder

This document provides guidance to schools to develop evaluation processes that ensure accurate eligibility recommendations, improve agency collaboration to reduce duplication, ensure a seamless process for families, and provide relevant information to inform the individualized education program process.

Guide for Insurance Representative Communications

A parent tool to use to support conversations with insurance company representatives.

Interfaces for Collaboration

Consideration and guiding questions to enhance collaboration and specific examples of collaborative opportunities in the areas of evaluation, eligibility, and the intervention service plan.

Referral Guide for Primary Care Physicians

Pathway to assist physicians in the referral process following a positive result of surveillance or screening for ASD.

Secondary Transition Recommendations for Educators and Families

Recommendations for educators and parents for programming in secondary education, which may promote improved outcomes for individuals with ASD.

Early Childhood Resources

These documents are available for families and providers working with families to assist with referral and services following initial identification of ASD. The PowerPoint slides may be used in presentations to share information about the Provider guide and After identification documents.


Other Helpful Resources

Behavioral Health Center of Excellence

Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, 310-627-2746

National Autism Law Center

National Autism Law Center, 803-608-1160

Other Helpful Resources

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