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Budget Development Offices

Budget Development Offices are responsible for coordinating all aspects of their repective budget areas. Information on the five development offices can be found below:

Budget Development Office of Economic Development (OED)

OED is responsible for budget matters relating to the economic development and infrastructure areas of state government, including departments of Insurance and Financial Services, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Talent and Economic Development, Technology, Management and Budget, and Transportation. OED's budget responsibilities also include local government Revenue Sharing programs and the review and evaluation of capital outlay projects for all universities, community colleges, and state agencies. 

Budget Development Office of Education (OE)

OE is responsible for budget matters related to education.  This includes the School Aid budget supporting Michigan's K-12 system and the budgets supporting Michigan's public universities and community colleges, as well as the budget for the state's Department of Education.

Budget Development Office of Health and Human Services (OHHS)

OHHS is responsible for budget matters related to programs administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, which include the state's Medicaid and other public assistance programs, public and mental health programs, and child welfare functions.

Budget Development Office of Public Protection & Resources (OPPR)

OPPR is responsible for budget matters within the criminal justice components of the state budget: the departments of Corrections, Military and Veterans' Affairs, and State Police, and the Judiciary. The office is also responsible for departmental budgets in the areas of environmental and resource management:  the departments of Agriculture and Rurual Development, Environmental Quality, and Natural Resources. Other budget responsibilities include the Attorney General's Office, the Executive Office, the Legislature and Legislative Auditor General, and the departments of Civil Rights, State, and Treasury.