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I have moved but forgot to change my address in HRMN. Will the U.S. Postal Service forward my 1095-C to my new address?

The post office will forward your 1095-C to you if your forwarding request has not expired. If the request to forward your mail has expired, the post office will return your 1095-C statement to the DTMB - Payroll and Tax Reporting Division. The post office may supply us with your forwarding address, in which case DTMB will again attempt to send your 1095-C.

It is your responsibility to ensure your current address is on file.  This can be done via your online self-service account, MI HR Service Center, or your HR office if you work for a non-participating agency.  If you are a retiree, contact ORS at (800) 381-5111 to request a change.