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What is form 1095-C?

Applicable large employers, like the State of Michigan, are now required to provide information annually to employees regarding health insurance offers and coverage. This reporting is done on IRS Form 1095-C.

Form 1095-C is not required to complete your federal tax returns.  However, you should keep it with your W-2 and other tax return documentation.  Questions on how to prepare your returns should be directed to a tax professional or the IRS.  The State of Michigan cannot provide tax preparation advice to employees.

IRS instructions explaining the various boxes and codes are included with the Form 1095-C sent to each employee. Please keep the following in mind when reviewing your Form 1095-C:

Box 14: This box represents the best offer of coverage made to you in the month, if any. It does not reflect the actual coverage you may have enrolled in.

Box 15: This box represents the employee’s monthly cost for employee only coverage under that employee’s best offer of coverage. It is not reflective of the actual deductions paid by an employee for coverage during that month, as the employee may have enrolled in another offer of coverage, enrolled additional family members, or waived enrollment. This box will only be completed if Box 14 has a value of 1B, 1C, 1D, or 1E.

For more information from the IRS regarding form 1095-C, please go to