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Why did I receive a W-2 with nothing but city information on it (Boxes 18, 19 & 20)?

There is currently only enough room on the W-2 form to report a single city, therefore employees subject to multiple cities will receive additional W-2 pages for each additional city. The W-2 that reports the city that comes first alphabetically will include all of the federal, social security, Medicare, state and other information while the additional pages will contain only the information related to the additional city.

NOTE:  Due to mailing preparation limitations, each W-2 sheet will be mailed to you in a separate envelope and may be delivered by the United States Postal Service on different days. If you do not receive all of the required copies you may request duplicates be printed. Please refer to the FAQ "I misplaced or did not receive my W-2. How can I get a copy?" for additional information.