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Spending and Revenue Reports

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is the official audited financial statement for the State of Michigan.
Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

Constitutional Limits Reports

Constitutional Limits Reports refers to state revenue limits (section 26) and local spending requirements (section 30).

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COVID-19 Reporting

Monthly expenditure and activities reports and federal authorization letters related to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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Detailed Financial Schedules

Detailed Financial Schedules are final annual reports that provide spending and authorization details at the appropriated line item level.

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Financial Highlights

This report provides summary information on the state's basic financial condition in an easy-to-understand format.

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Flint Expenditure Report

The Flint Expenditures Report tracks appropriated funds and expenditures related to the Flint water emergency. 

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Funding for Legislation Affecting Local Government Opertations

Report on funding increases for costs of state mandates to local government and estimated payments to local government included in Executive Budget recommendations.
Funding for Legislation Affecting Local Government Operations

Healthy Michigan Plan Statutory Report

Under the Social Welfare Act, a Healthy Michigan Plan state and other nonfederal savings report is required to be published. 

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Monthly Financial Reports

Monthly Financial Reports are submitted to the Legislature, including state revenues, budget results, and opertaion information on certain funds. They are prepared pursuant to MCL 18.1386.

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Per-Pupil Funding Increase by School District

Provides detail on per-pupil funding increases by school district.
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Spending Plans

Annual state spending plans are provided for state agencies and the public.

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Work Projects

Work Projects are annual reports to the Legislature concerning the Work Project Appropriations.

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