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Personal Protection Orders

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Personal Protection Orders

Filing for a Sexual Assault Personal Protection Order

A victim can ask a Michigan circuit court for a Sexual Assault PPO. A PPO is an order to protect a person from someone that has sexually assaulted him or her, or someone who has made that person afraid of being assaulted.

The court can order that person not to:

  • Have contact with the victim.
  • Follow or approach the victim.
  • Enter a place where the victim lives.
  • Threatened to sexually assault, kill, or physically injure the victim or another person.
  • Purchase or possess a firearm.
  • Interfere with the victim at his or her place of employment or education.
  • Contact the victim by phone or social media.

The court can order the person to stop any other behavior that interferes with the victim’s personal freedom or that causes the victim a reasonable fear of harm.

For more information about PPOs and how to file for a PPO, visit Michigan Legal Help at

You can also get help in filing for a PPO by hiring your own attorney or contacting your nearest sexual assault or domestic violence services provide

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