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Reporting and Safety

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus

Reporting and Safety

Reporting and Safety Options

  • Victims have a right to report a sexual assault to the police, school, both or neither. Often, participating in these processes can provide victims with additional safety and support options. If the assault is reported to police and school, it is possible that two separate investigations will take place at the same time. Victims also have the right to file for a personal protection order regardless of their participation in the criminal or the campus process. 


Learn More About Your Reporting and Safety Options

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Criminal Options

It's never too late to talk to the police.

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Campus Safety Options

Under Title IX, all schools are required to have systems in place to respond to sexual assault.

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Personal Protection Order

A PPO can be requested to protect a survivor from their abuser.

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Other Legal Options

Help is available for other lingering legal concerns of survivors.

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A Note On Drugs And Alcohol

Sometimes sexual assault perpetrators take advantage of victims who have used alcohol or drugs. Sometimes they give potential victims alcohol or drugs in order to assault them. Some people may feel nervous to report a sexual assault because they are scared of getting in trouble for consuming alcohol or drugs. Most schools have an explicit rule that they do not pursue drug or alcohol misconduct charges against people who have reported a sexual assault in good faith. Most prosecutors will not file drug charges against a person who has reported a sexual assault in good faith to law enforcement. You cannot be prosecuted for drinking alcohol (as a minor) or using drugs if you voluntarily seek health care for the assault or other health reasons.