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Lyme Disease Information for Healthcare Providers

Michigan Trends in Tickborne Disease 2016-2020

Michigan Lyme Disease Risk Map

MDHHS offers tick identification services for Michigan residents.  

Please note:  MDHHS does not recommend or offer pathogen testing of ticks.  For more information on why, click the first link below.

Should my tick be tested? (CDC)

Tick ID by mail

Tick ID by emailed photo (fastest)


MDHHS Bureau of Laboratories also offers clinical testing for Lyme disease.  

Pre-test probability and Lyme disease testing

Test overview: MDHHS BOL Screening EIA

Test overview: MDHHS BOL Confirmatory EIA

Tickborne Disease Quick Reference for Clinicians

Early diagnosis and proper antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease is important and can help prevent late Lyme disease. The following treatment regimens reflect CDC’s interpretation of the most current data for four important manifestations of Lyme disease. These regimens are consistent with guidance published by the by the Infectious Disease Society of America, American Academy of Neurology, and American College of Rheumatology.

Link to the full IDSA Treatment Guidelines for Lyme Disease (2020)

Caring for patients after a tick bite (CDC)

One page Lyme Disease Tipsheet for Healthcare Providers