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Michigan Sentinel Hospital Network (ISHN)

The Influenza Sentinel Hospital Network (ISHN) is a group of hospitals in Michigan that voluntarily report weekly aggregate counts of influenza positive hospitalizations to assist MDHHS with statewide influenza surveillance. MDHHS has been working with a voluntary network of sentinel hospitals that report influenza-associated hospitalizations by age group.

As a participating hospital in the ISHN, you would complete a brief Survey Monkey every week containing:

  • The number of hospitalizations with a positive influenza test by age group during that time period
  • The total number of hospitalizations due to any condition during that time period (if available)

Data from this survey can help inform public health in rapidly recognizing changes in the age or geographic distribution of influenza in this population. Participating facilities are not identified.

If your facility is interested in joining the MDHHS Influenza Sentinel Hospital Network or for more information, please contact the MDHHS Division of Communicable Disease at (517) 335-8165.