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    Your local community college is tuition-free. If you choose a college outside of your community college district, you will need to pay the difference between their in-district and out-of-district tuition. To make sure you found your local college, you can contact the college you’ve picked and ask them if it’ll be tuition-free.

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  • Find your local Community College

    All of Michigan’s public community colleges accept the Futures for Frontliners scholarship, but the cost of attending community college will depend on whether you are an in-district or out-of-district student.

    • For in-district students. If you attend your local community college, the Futures for Frontliners scholarship will pay for you to get your degree tuition-free. That means you won’t pay any tuition or mandatory fees out of pocket. About 80% of Michigan students live in a community college district. 
    • For out-of-district students. If you don’t have a local community college that means that you don’t pay taxes to support a community college. Futures for Frontliners will provide a discount on your tuition, but your associate degree or skill certificate will not be tuition-free. The Futures for Frontliners scholarship will pay the in-district tuition rate at the community college you choose. You will pay the difference between the in-district tuition rate and the out-of-district rate. This is also true if you choose to go to a community college outside of your district.

    Check out the map to find the local community college in your district. If you’re still not sure, you can contact the community college you’re interested in attending to find out if you live in their district – you can find their dedicated Futures for Frontliners email address and phone number in the list below.

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