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    More than 75% of all Michigan jobs will soon require at least some education beyond high school. What does tuition-free education mean to you?

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  • Free tuition allows me to prove to myself that I can do it and i'm never too old to follow my dreams. I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

  • I have always wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl, but I got pregnant young and put being a mom first. I put everyone first but me. I feel this opportunity gives me the ability to have that dream of being a nurse and caring for others come true.

  • Free tuition means more than an inevitable increase in pay or any financial gain. It means that I can show my children that at 45 years old, it's never too late to follow your heart, continue to learn and to self-improve. It will mean that I have followed through with my dreams, stuck through it all when I didn't think I could and still tried to make the world a little bit of a better place by being a good nurse.

  • I will be able to continue working and growing in the medical field I love and help many more people. I would be the only women in my immediate family to go to college which would mean the world to my family. I would like to help support my disabled mother more comfortably instead of living paycheck to paycheck.

  • My career goals are to become an LPN then transition into becoming a registered nurse. Free tuition would help me out tremendously. To be able to help people during this pandemic would mean the world to me. - Kanisha

  • Free tuition means It means opportunity, growth, generational benefits, foundation, success and hope!

  • Colelge has always been on my mind, but I know I couldn't afford it. I always will tell my brothers and sisters that sometimes we all need a little boot to help us along the way. Free tuition is that boost so we can all have a better life.

  • I just needed something new. Then I heard about this opportunity, I never really thought about college before because it's so much money. Free tuition to me means a second chance. A chance to try something I never really thought about before. A chance to help me better myself through a great program.

  • As a mother of 3 I would love to set a great example for my children, including college education.  While they know that I am a hard worker, it would mean the world to me to expand my

  • Currently I am a lieutenant with the fire department. I have goals to become a fire chief and possibly more after retirement. A degree would help me tremendously. Being able to add a degree to my resume will give me a better opportunity to obtain the job I desire in the future.

  • Being a single mom it is hard to afford going back to school, paying for loans and providing for your child and yourself and keeping up with bills. Free tuition would be a great blessing to my child and I.

  • Having this opportunity would mean being able to choose my future. It also means freedom. It means showing my daughter that as a woman we can have goals and we can achieve them if we have the will to do so. It means me being able to provide a better future for her and possibly allowing me to help her attend college as well.

  • A free tuition to me means that I can achieve goals set, priority with education and determination to continue climbing in a good career.

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