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Does the Futures for Frontliners scholarship cover remedial and/or developmental courses?

Futures for Frontliners only pays for developmental courses offered through a corequisite model, compression model, a modulation model or other approaches that accelerate the process of enabling students who need remediation to raise their skills to college level and complete credit-bearing courses.

Starting August 1, 2023, Futures for Frontliners will only pay for developmental courses offered through a corequisite model – that means your college may offer extra support in these initial courses either in a dedicated support course taken in addition to an English or math course or in a special section of an English or math course where the support is built in. These corequisite support models keep students moving forward on their path to graduation while receiving extra attention and practice to refresh their writing or math skills. 

If you have questions about this, contact your college to learn more about what this may mean for you and the program of study you’re considering enrolling in.