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What does "out-of-district" mean?

If you are considered 'out-of-district' by a community college, it means that the voters in your county have decided not to pay property taxes to support a community college.

If you do not live within a community college district and must attend a community college where you are considered 'out-of-district' or choose to attend a community college where you are considered 'out-of-district', Futures for Frontliners will still cover up to the in-district tuition, mandatory fees, and contact hours. However, you'll be responsible for covering the difference between the college's in-district and out-of-district tuition rates.

Not sure for which community college you're considered "in-district"? Visit our List of Colleges to contact the community college nearest you. You can find the email and phone number contact to each college on the same page.

When applying to a community college, ask them to estimate these costs that are not covered by Futures for Frontliners to avoid any surprises when you receive your bill.See What costs does Futures for Frontliners cover? and Are there other costs of going back to school?