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What if I need to withdraw from a course or courses?

Every Futures for Frontliners participant has up to four years to complete a Pell-eligible skill certificate or associate degree – unless you earn an associate degree earlier than that. There may be times when you’ve registered for a course, the add/drop period has ended, and you aren’t sure if this is the right course for you anymore or you’re not able to continue taking it. That’s okay, but it’s important to know what may mean for you.

If you withdraw from a course(s) during your participation in the scholarship program:

  • In your first 12-month period, the scholarship will cover the cost of any withdrawn course(s). We understand that it may take some time for you to settle into your classes.
  • In the first semester of your second 12-month period, your college will be responsible for covering the cost of any withdrawn course(s).
  • Any semester after that will be your responsibility to cover the cost of any withdrawn course(s).

Regardless of who pays for the withdrawn course(s), it is important to remember that one of the requirements to maintain the scholarship is to maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA in the courses towards your program of study. If you withdraw from a course(s), it may impact this GPA requirement and you may be at risk of not meeting it. See What are the requirements for keeping this scholarship?

It’s important to stay connected with your college – whether it’s an advisor, college completion coach, office of financial aid – to make sure you’re meeting the requirements of the scholarship and making the choices that are right for you to be able to complete your program of study.