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Relocation Assistance

If you need help with rent, rent arrearage, security deposits or moving expenses, and one of the following circumstances exists for your household, you may be eligible for relocation assistance.

  • Homeless, living in a shelter, a car, or on the street.
  • Living temporarily with other persons following a fire or natural disaster that occurred not more than 60 days before the date the group files an application for emergency relief.
  • Living with other persons to escape a domestic violence situation.
  • A court summons or judgment was issued which will result in the family group becoming homeless.
  • Your family group needs adequate housing to avoid a foster care placement or before a child(ren) can return home from foster care.
  • A MDHHS employee determines the family must be relocated from unsafe housing or for the protection of the children.
  • The group receives final written notice to vacate condemned housing from a local public agency authorized to issue such an order.

Relocation housing must be affordable (total housing costs cannot exceed 75 percent of the group's net income). Applicant(s) must have good cause for non-payment of their shelter obligation during the last six months, regardless of the reason they are in need.

Issuance Maximums for Relocation Services



Relocation Services Maximum











Six or More



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