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Conditions of Eligibility

To qualify for State Emergency Relief, you must meet a number of requirements. Apply online using MI Bridges. In general, eligibility is based on the number of individuals in your household, your monthly income and effective 12/01/19 your countable cash assets over $15,000 (except for those applying for burial services). Some assets such as homestead, one vehicle, personal and household goods are excluded.

MI Bridges


Energy Related Assistance


Monthly Income*

One $1823
Two $2465
Three $3108
Four $3750
Five $4393
Six $5035
Seven $5677
Eight $6319
More than Eight For each additional family member add $642 per month

*If your income exceeds the monthly income limit listed above, you do not qualify for energy-related assistance.


Non-Energy Related Assistance


Monthly Income*

Non-Cash Asset Limit

One $445 $15,000
Two $500 $15,000
Three $625 $15,000
Four $755 $15,000
Five $885 $15,000
Six $1,105 $15,000

*If your income exceeds the above limit, the excess amount becomes your copayment and your responsibility.

Note:  These eligibility requirements are for State Emergency Relief services only and do not apply to the  Weatherization Assistance Program.