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Michigan Home Visiting Advisory

Description of the Home Visiting Advisory
The Home Visiting Advisory Committee was established in 2019 by mutual agreement of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Michigan Department of Education, along with home visiting stakeholders. The purpose of this 40 person advisory is to support efficient and effective operations that result in change, improvement, and impact on home visiting and the home visiting system. Additionally, the Advisory Committee aims to advise and assist the State of Michigan in magnifying and implementing a collective vision for the home visiting system and the work it carries out.
Vision/Mission statement
“An equitable, integrated home visiting system that provides Michigan families with the opportunities to choose the right program, at the right time, in the right place.”
Membership list
The Membership Advisory will includes individuals with direct experience implementing or participating in the home visiting system, and will be representative of each region of the State, and the racial and cultural diversity of the population in the State of Michigan.  It will consist of 40% local evidence-based home visiting program staff; the number of Supervisors may not exceed the number of Home Visitors, 20% parents of children aged five or younger, who are or were enrolled in evidence-based home visiting models, to be representative across the evidence-based home visiting models, 25% state agency representatives, and 15% other stakeholders, e.g. advocates, individuals supporting the professional development of home visitors, LLG Coordinators, other home visiting models, etc.
Home Visiting Advisory Minutes

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