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What is a Home Visiting Program?

Home Visiting Programs are free programs that offer services to pregnant mothers and families with young children. The home visits can take place inside the home or at a location that the family is most comfortable with. Through a strength-based relationship, the family and the home visitor discuss topics that are focused on what the family is most interested in. Some examples of the topics that families can choose are: positive parenting practices, child growth and development, healthy pregnancy, and healthy child. Home visitors are also able to help connect families to community services and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home visit?

A home visit is a planned meeting with a trained and supportive home visitor. A home visitor usually comes to your home but can meet you someplace that works for you. During a home visit you will be able talk with your home visitor about things that are going well and also things that you may be concerned about. Your home visitor will be helpful and supportive, provide information, and connect you to community resources.

Who can be enrolled?

That depends on the program.  Many programs like to start working with families as soon as a woman finds out she’s pregnant. Some home visiting programs are only for first time moms, while other programs are only for pregnant moms and infants under one year. There are also home visiting programs that you can stay in until your child is 5 years old. It all depends on what you need.   If you are interested in home visiting click on the Program Finder tab to learn more about what programs are in your area.  

Who would be coming to my house?

All home visitors have a lot of training in helping families. Some home visitors may be nurses, some may be social workers and some are teachers Home visitors  usually know a lot about the community and are aware of other services you might need.

How often do home visits happen?

Depending on your needs and the home visiting program your enrolled in, home visits can happen as often as every week or as little as once a month.  Home visits usually last between 30 minutes to 1 hour but  may change depending on your needs. Your home visitor will work closely with you to schedule a home visit for a day and time that works well for you.

Can I quit the program if I don't like it?

Yes, if you don’t like a program you can leave at any time. We hope you choose to stay with your home visiting program but if your unhappy for any reason please talk with your home visitor or a program supervisor about what can be done to make things better.  

How much do home visits cost?

Home visits are free.