Prospective Providers

Who are MIHP providers?

MIHP is administered by a network of certified provider agencies throughout the state in rural, urban, and native communities. Providers are located in private freestanding offices, hospital-based clinics, federally qualified health centers, and in local/regional public health departments.


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MIHP services include evidence-based health and psychosocial assessments, completed by registered nurses or social workers; individualized plans of care developed by teams comprised of registered nurses, licensed social workers, registered dieticians, lactation consultants and infant mental health specialists; coordination of services between MIHP providers, medical care providers and Medicaid health plans; and interventions which may include but are not limited to referrals for community services as needed; referral to local childbirth education or parenting classes.


Michigan continually assesses and improves MIHP to meet the needs of Michigan residents while demonstrating value in the challenging economic environment.

What do MIHP providers do?

MIHP providers deliver services that include:

- Maternal and infant risk assessments 
- Individualized plans of care based on client risk and needs
- Coordination of MIHP services with client's medical care provider and Medicaid Health Plan
- Client visits and interventions based on risk and priority
- Referrals for local community services
- Referral to transportation services, as needed

Program requirements and expectations

MIHP providers are required to adhere to program policies, procedures, and expectations which are outlined in detail in both Medicaid Policy and the MIHP Program Operations Manual. Expectations are clearly specified for all program areas, including but not limited to provider staffing, certification and recertification, interventions, billing, provider-specific performance reporting, coordination with medical providers and Medicaid health plans.

To view Medicaid policy for MIHP see  Medicaid Provider Manual

Is MIHP right for my organization?

Becoming a MIHP provider requires significant time and commitment. The application, certification, oversight, and recertification processes demand ongoing effort from providers to adhere to all aspects of the program. Learn more at Overview of the Maternal Infant Health Program Training Course 

If, after reviewing MIHP requirements and expectations, your organization wishes to apply to become a MIHP provider, please send the agency contact information to  You will then be invited to a New Provider Inquiry meeting. New Provider Inquiry meetings are held two times each year. 

View the March 2021 PowerPoint Presentation from the MIHP New Provider Inquiry Meeting.

View the June 2021 PowerPoint Presentation from the MIHP New Provider Inquiry Meeting.

You may also view the MIHP New Provider Application--template for reference.  An approved application is sent out, upon request, after having completed an inquiry meeting

Companion Guide: Becoming a New MIHP Provider