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Quality Assessment

The Quality Assessment (QA) aims to measure and support the use of best practices in home visiting.

All MIHP Providers will be scheduled for the Quality Assessment between June 1, 2022, and May 31, 2023.  

Quality Assessment

QA Resources for MIHP Providers

Below are resources to support MIHP providers and provide information about the QA process in detail. Communication regarding the QA should be directed to this email box: 

Overview and Benefits

Review the goals, benefits, and the process which guides the Quality Assessment.

Timeline and Process in Detail

These slides provide a deeper dive into the QA process. This presentation was part of the 2022 MIHP May Coordinator's Meeting.

Tool Adaptation and QA Domains

The MHVQAS is a validated tool to assess quality and fidelity across home visiting models and support quality improvement. This tool was adapted for MIHP QA. Learn more about the tool and the 8 domains assessed.

Quality Corner

  • MDHHS MIHP is committed to supporting providers throughout the QA process. In doing so, below are some key questions and answers to understand the quality assessment.

    1. When will I be scheduled for my Quality Assessment?

    Each month from June 2022 through May 2023, a number of MIHP agencies will be notified if their Quality Assessment is scheduled that month. MIHP Coordinators will receive this information via email, which will include a detailed letter outlining next steps. The steps of the Quality Assessment are detailed in the Overview document.

    2. Who is expected to complete the survey?

    All home visitors within the agency will receive a link to the survey and should complete this survey (within 5 business days of receipt). 

    3. What if I don't know the answers to the survey questions?

    This is okay! This process is not intended to "test" or "judge" providers or their staff. If there is a question you don't know the answer to or a process that you do not have in place at your agency, indicate this and continue through the survey to completion.

    4. After the debrief with an MDHHS MIHP Consultant, do I need to return the Reflection Plan?

    Yes, please return the document within 60 days. This document allows you to reflect on the Quality Assessment Survey and decide whether to conduct a quality improvement (QI) project. If a QI project is planned, your agency can receive additional MDHHS MIHP to support your efforts. 

    5. What is the "rating scale" used on the Quality Assessment Survey?

    The ratings are adapted from the MHVQAS tool. Therefore, these categories offer insight into alignment with measures set forth to assess the larger continuum of home visiting models. This QA process and the respective language is to support best practices across models and offer opportunities for quality improvement. It is not intended to assess whether an agency is aligned with current MDHHS MIHP practices. By offering this quality assessment, MDHHS MIHP is harnessing the opportunity to support agencies in a manner separate from the certification process to highlight the breadth of work conducted by home visiting providers. There are three rating categories used: 

    Current Practice: Agency information aligns with the measures set forth by the MHVQAS document as listed in the tool. 
    Inconsistencies: Agency information meets at least one criterion, but not all measures were present or clear and concise as set forth in the MHVQAS document as listed in the tool. 
    Not Currently Aligned: Agency information does not show evidence or is missing clear, concise alignment with the measure set forth by the MHVQAS document as listed in the tool.

    "Inconsistencies” and “Not Currently Aligned” measures present opportunities for improvement. 

    6. Who do I email with questions or with the requested documentation for QA?

    All communication for the QA can be directed to: As a reminder, please send requested information via fax or secure/encrypted email.

  • Future updates will allow highlights of provider best practices and efforts in implementing a quality improvement project based on the MIHP QA process.