MIHP Provider Training

MIHP providers are required to complete training related to program operations and the areas of beneficiary risk addressed by the program. In addition, all MIHP providers are required to attend meetings and participate in required webinars. The coordinator meetings and webinars provide MIHP staff with updates to program policy and procedure, fidelity, and oversight; and include educational information related to the areas of risk and implementation of interventions.


Required Training for all MIHP Staff  




Infant Health

Interpersonal Violence



Substance Use


Asian Teens With Grandma


MIHP Bi-monthly Community of Practice Webinars  


        Future  MIHP Community Of Practice Calls 

  • Tuesday, September 17, 2019    9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


MIHP Coordinator Training

MIHP Agencies are encouraged to print the MIHP Coordinator Training presentations and bring them to the MIHP Coordinator Training sessions as hard copies will not be provided.


Home Visiting Conference - MIHP Model Day - August 2019


May 2019

Additional Trainings