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MI Trades Initiative

About the MI Trades Initiative

The MI Trades partnership represents a historic partnership of state agencies, joining together in collaboration with a shared vision to help recruit skilled and professional trades candidates to wonderful and competitive career opportunities with the State of Michigan.

The importance of our skilled and professional trades careers has only grown in the years since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun. Today, there are many skilled and professional trade positions open across the state that need your talent and experience. These jobs help build and preserve our infrastructure, maintain our facilities and help regulate the industry to keep workers and citizens safe.

Because of this, the partnership’s charge is to share the stories of working with the State of Michigan with the hope that new faces will join the state in public service to build our community and strengthen the Michigan economy.

As the work of the MI Trades partnership evolves, this website will serve to organize and spread awareness of existing opportunities in the skilled and professional trades.