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About MI Trades

The MITrades partnership represents a historic partnership of state agencies, joining together in collaboration with a shared vision to help recruit skilled and professional trades candidates to wonderful and competitive career opportunities with the State of Michigan.

The importance of our skilled and professional trades careers has only grown in the years since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun. Today, there are over 90 skilled and professional trade positions open across the state that need your talent and experience. These jobs help build and preserve our infrastructure, maintain our facilities and help regulate the industry to keep workers and citizens safe.

Because of this, the partnership’s charge is to share the stories of working with the State of Michigan with the hope that new faces will join the state in public service to build our community and strengthen the Michigan economy.

At the state of Michigan, we are committed to providing candidates a chance to work in their preferred trade while providing competitive benefits that ensure individuals have time with their family. Further, the state is also committed to providing opportunities for career advancement and continuing education. The work life balance that can achieved by working for the State of Michigan sets it apart from most private sector opportunities.

Presently, the state is interested in adding to its diverse group of skilled and professional trades people who are committed to serving others on a daily basis as they work to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Michigan’s 10 million citizens. From our plumbers, electricians, engineers, and inspectors, who use their highly developed, technical skills to assure that the built environment, and systems within, are sound, safe, and sanitary, to the work of our fire safety inspectors, and public utility and gas safety engineers, who help to identify and mitigate dangerous environments, tradespeople play a well-respected role within our communities.

Thank you for your interest in the skilled and professional trades. The MITrades partners, are always looking for talented and highly specialized professionals to join our outstanding teams, and those wanting to give back to their communities, as well as those interested in serving the public, to take advantage of these exciting opportunities with the State of Michigan.