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Mission, Functions and Authority

The Office of the State Employer, in cooperation with Executive Branch Departments and Agencies, formulates, executes and administers labor relations policies for state classified employees.

The functions of the office include the following:

  • Determine the polices of the employer with respect to matters subject to collective bargaining negotiations.
  • Represent the employer in primary negotiations with exclusive representatives and enter into collective bargaining agreements with exclusive representatives concerning negotiable matters.
  • Determine the issues which shall be the subject of secondary negotiations and review and approve all secondary agreements.
  • Represent the employer before the Civil Service Coordinated Compensation Panel addressing issues for non-exclusively represented classified employees.
  • Respond to and represent the employer with respect to unfair labor practice charges filed by employee organizations and initiate such charges against employee organizations.
  • Coordinate employer responses to personnel policy and rule changes being considered by the Civil Service Commission, and initiate requests for modifications to the Civil Service Employee Relations Policy and Regulations.
  • Oversee contract administration and approve all contract interpretation documents and Letters of Understanding.
  • Make the management determination regarding which grievances should go to arbitration after consultation with the affected department and approve the management advocate.
  • Supervise the training of all management personnel involved in the labor relations process.