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Rentals and lessons

A skier teaches a child how to ski

Rentals and lessons

Rentals: full-day 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and half-day 1 to 5 p.m.

Package type - Ski package includes skis, boots, poles and helmet. Snowboard package includes board, boots and helmet. Cost
Adult full-day $30
Adult half-day $25
Youth full-day (17 years & under) $25
Youth half-day (17 years & under) $20
Cross-country skis $25
Annual seasonal adult $200
Annual seasonal youth (17 years & younger) $125
Group package (must have 20-plus people in same transaction) $25/person
NEW! Sno-Go ski bikes - Package includes bike, safety straps and helmets (rentals start Feb. 17, 2024) Cost
Sno-go ski bikes half day $50
Snow-go ski bikes full day $80
A la carte Cost
Skis full-day $20
*Adaptive ski chairs (cross country only) free
Snowboard $20
Snowshoes $15
Poles $5
Boots $15
Helmet $5

*Child, teen and adult-sized adaptive sit skis are available (one of each size). They are fully adjustable and can be towed by a partner skier or used independently on the park's cross-country and lantern-lit trails. Please call ahead for details, equipment availability or assistance 906-885-5275.


Lessons must be booked in advance by calling Simple Adventures at 906-275-4200. All lessons begin on the bunny hill.

Lesson type Rate
Group ski $25/hour
Private ski $35/hour
Group snowboard $25/hour
Private snowboard $35/hour