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Helping a Survivor

  • Helping a Survivor

    Family and friends are probably the people who know the survivor best and can help them through this.  As a family member or friend, you may be able to help the survivor feel safe just by being near them.  You may be able to provide emotional support and help the survivor reach out for services.

    The most important things you can do to help a survivor heal is to be consistent in letting them know you believe them, that the assault was not their fault, and that you will do whatever you are able to do to support them over time.  It is not always easy to be a helper for survivors, but your efforts will be well worth it.

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How to Help and Empathic Responses

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Helping Child Survivors

  • Helping Child Survivors

    If you feel a child is reaching out to you, it’s critical to let them know you’re "hearing" them and will do your best to help them.

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Helping Elderly Survivors or Those with Special Needs

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Things You May Be Feeling as a Friend or Family Member

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