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Personal Protection Orders (PPO)

Personal Protection Orders

You can ask a Michigan Circuit Court for a Sexual Assault Personal Protection Order (PPO). A PPO is a court order to protect a person from someone who has sexually assaulted you, or someone who has made you afraid of being assaulted.

The court can order that person not to:

  • Have contact with you.
  • Follow or approach you.
  • Enter a place where you live.
  • Threaten to sexually assault, kill, or physically injure you or another person.
  • Purchase or possess a firearm.
  • Interfere with you at your place of employment or education.
  • Contact you by phone, e-mail or social media.
  • Do anything that interferes with your personal freedom or that causes you a reasonable fear of harm.

For more information about PPOs and how to file for a PPO, visit Michigan Legal Help at https://michiganlegalhelp.org/self-help-tools/personal-safety/overview-of-personal-protection-orders.

You can also get help in filing for a PPO by contacting your local sexual assault or domestic violence services program or by hiring your own attorney.

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